The Crown By: Ria, Ayden, Sean, and Ashley

Amy Smith

My clique at Magic West High rules this school

First there’s me, Amy Smith I’m like Selena Gomez around here and

You better not mess with me or I’ll heat you up like ravioli

Then there’s Sam she is

my BCMFF, best coffee maker friend forever.

Next there’s Jamie there’s not even a word to describe him

He’s popular,amazing, and sooo cute

Then there’s my little sister Jessica

She is so nice to everyone and

she always has my back

I can always count on her she is like my left arm

Amy, Jessica

Amy Smith

At the best high school

There's every type of supply

Like ovens and spoons

Jessica Smith

I wait and watch for the moment

The moment to go and execute my plan

People moving and walking

And I’m here waiting and waiting

I jump out like spring and strike

Move and creep like a bird in the night

I find the item that dearly need

And steal it with with a flourish touch

I look around for the best way to get out

To get out and finish my scheme

I find the door and burst towards it

With the the item that will leave a bang

I open the door and scan the room

I act normal like nothing happened

Grab the item that I worked hard to get

And put it where they will hopefully find it

Prom King


The lights start to dim and a man comes out

He walks up to the mic and taps it a couple of times

Everyone looks and awaits for the speech

He looks around and gets ready to start

“Hello everybody I hope you are enjoying your prom

And I have the honor to announce the prom king “

My eyes sparkle, shivers go down my spin

Hoping, just hoping that I will get picked

My friends huddle around me

And we await the for the winner to be announced

The man opens his card and gets to the mic

The results are in and the winner is Jake

My eyes light up like the fourth of July

And my buds push me around like i'm a punching bag

As I go upstage to receive my prize

I couldn't have been more thrilled in my life

Prom Queen


My boyfriend Jake just won prom king

So I have to win prom queen

I just have to be up there with him

He can't be there alone

The lights dim again and a girl walks up like beautiful peacock

“Hello people of this high school

we have told who your king is

So now here is your prom queen







Me and my girls jump up and hug each other

But I knew I got it just like

I know that the sun comes up every day

I walk up to the to the stage like star field with confidence

I go up next to my Boyfriend and they go to get my crown

But they come back with nothing in there hand

He whispered in her ear and her face looked worried

She goes to the mike and announces


Jessica Smith

What a terrible tragedy that has happened

The poor queen lost her crown

Now the blender police are swarming around like bees in a hive

But she really needed a knock down

She was supposed to lose her popularity but she still managed to thrive


“Do you have it?”

Over and over they asked until they got to Sam

They didn’t need to ask her anything at all

There it was, in plain sight, sticking out of her bag

I still can’t believe that Sam did it

She is like my gaurdian angel but it was in HER purse

She claims she didn’t do it and I sorta believe it

Everyone blames her but I still don’t think she did it

It was up to me to figure out who really did it

Then I saw my sister smiling and laughing

Suddenly I knew who the real culprit was

My sister had betrayed me

Amy Smith

The look on Jess’s face; the horror, the embarrassment , in that moment I actually felt bad, but at the same time my light bulb was boiling,

it felt as though I was the boiling pot

of water that goes inside me.

They took the crown and she begged the blenders to let her explain, at first I didn’t even want to hear it

Then I realized, I actually want to know what the heck was going through those watts of hers

Amy Smith

The blenders finally allowed her to explain

“ I was just so jealous, everybody looooves Amy

But everybody thinks i'm just insane

And she is always bragging about Jamie.

All I want is to be just like her,

But it was all just a blur.”


They told me I had to give her the crown back

I was defeated, I hadn’t accomplished what I wanted

I got my feelings out but she was still so popular

And I was still just a nobody,

a nobody living in my big sister's shadow

I knew there were consequences and

I was ready to face them, they suspended me for

Not one, not two, not three, but 4 WEEKS

I have no idea what I’m gonna do to fill time

But i should start with an apology

Stealing is wrong and you should never let jealousy

Take control over your actions

Oh, yeah! One more thing: Always tell the truth!

" I was still just a nobody"

Amy, the most popular microwave in Magic West High, and Jake the most amazing guy in school gets to be prom king and queen. But what happens when the crown goes missing and they find it in Amy's best friend's purse! Did Sam really take it or is it someone else she knows? Why did they do it? Will Amy get her crown back? They set out on an adventure to find out who really did it, the moments leading up to the discovery will have you on the edge of your seat! So sit back, relax, and prepare to be shocked!


Created with images by talpeanu - "king crown history" • Goedeker's - "Frigidaire FFMV162LS Stainless Steel Microwave" • ElisaRiva - "thieves theft robbery"

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