The howitzer is a weapon used by the germans in the first world war. It was created by the German empire and was used in world war 1 as a way to stop large groups of enemy soldier. the howitzer or "big bertha" was beast weighing in at 94,000 lbs and a barrel that was 19 foot long. With a range of 7.5 miles it was very effective

How did the howitzer start?

the howitzer was created in Switzerland in the late 17th century. originally used to drive cast-iron shells filled with gunpowder or other incendiary materials into large fortification. it was used in world war 1 by the German Empire to bombard Beguine and French forts.


The howitzer shot shells with many different uses such as incendiary, high explosive, armor piercing shells, along with smoke and chemical shells.World War I Mk V high-explosive shell it is filled with amatol or trotyl (TNT) and Contained 4 lb 10oz explosive.

The name "Big Bertha"

The name Big Bertha was came from a woman named Bertha Krupp. Bertha Krupp was the sole proprietor of Krupp industries who made the howitzer under secrecy. The name Big Bertha had no relevancy to the shear size of Bertha.

The damage of the howitzer

The howitzer used coordinates to launch heavy artillery on enemy Trenches, fortresses or oncoming groups of troops . The howitzer was an artillery beast using three or four at the same time could destroy large portions of trenches or large groups of troops.

modern day troops loading the ammunition into the howitzer


Created with images by Vasnic64 - "Verdun : Obusier lourd Allemand (photo VestPocket Kodak Marius Vasse 1891-1987) de 150 mm modéle 1913" • Marine Corps Archives & Special Collections - "Damaged 122mm Howitzer, 1969" • Marine Corps Archives & Special Collections - "Captured 122mm Howitzer, 1969" • Marine Corps Archives & Special Collections - "105mm Howitzer, Operation Chinook II, 1967" • Marine Corps Archives & Special Collections - "75mm Howitzer, Peleliu, 1944" • The U.S. Army - "mississippi"

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