DTC #10: All The Hwaldongdeul the k-town adventure of skill





Challenge your new club mates to a game of table tennis.

Get creative with some arts, crafts and cocktails.

Dine and wine with your Seoul mates.

Break out your favorite karaoke tune in possibly the most fun bar in LA.

A daepojip is the term that refers to a Korean drinking establishment, translating to grog house. Daepo “grog”, jip “house”.
Stop 1

Join a ping pong club

• 7pm til you've won 2 out of 3 •

Upon entering the Hyundae Health Spa a realization that you are rapidly leaving one world and are entering another will quickly overtake your senses. The polite woman at the window to your right will exchange ping pong paddles for a small fee and your drivers license. Walking up the dark stairwell in the back may set an awkward feeling amongst your group until the door opens to the Hyundae Ping Pong Club. Whoever is the club master at the time gracefully greets you with two balls. Take your position at one of the tables surrounded by posters of the worlds greats and get ready for things to heat up, literally. After you’ve played for the first round of drinks its time to head out to get creative.

Stop 2

it's Arts, crafts & cocktail time

• 8pm until you've finished your perfect drawing•


The few blocks walk to Art Major allows your body a much-deserved cool down while your brain gears up. Upon entering, the lackluster furniture may catch your eye, but what you've really come for is the arts and crafts. A giant scrabble board decorates a wall, colored pencils are pleasantly strewn about and the rattle of dice echoes from the table in the back corner. After reviewing the menu of beers, wine and activities you may decide on a pairing of the Cotes du Rhone with a game of Guess Who. The wine goes down well as you argue over the rules of the games. When you’ve worked up an appetite and crowned someone king, it will mark time to head to the daepojip of your dreams.

Stop 3

dine like a local...in seoul

• 9pm to 10:30pm •

Walking up to DGM gives you an exciting feeling, as if you’re heading to an underground poker game in Seoul. Ascending the stairs into the main room, you join the hum and banter of the crowd erasing any remnant of the day's tension as you realize you’ve come to the exact place you need to be. Packed to the brim with Korean boozehounds and groups celebrating any number of rites of passage, you’ll find your table between walls covered with etchings of celebrators past. Secure some Hite and bottles of soju before ordering more than enough food for the table. Cheese corn? Kimchi pancakes? Absolutely! When you’ve had your fill and finally found a pen to write something on the wall it’ll be time to write your name on a list of another kind.

Alternative: For a J. Gold top 101, swing by Sun Nong Dan before stop #2 in order to put your name on the list. Then head to Art Major in the interim for a drink. The oxtail soup and braised short ribs will blow your mind and are well worth the extra stop. However, if you can't deal with lines they're open 24 hours and will be ready for your triumphant return at the end of the night.

Stop 4

write your name on the list

• 10:45pm until you've sung your guts out •

The outer concrete façade of the Brass Monkey Café doesn’t appease the senses half as much as the booming roar of the crowd exploding through its heavy door. Descending into its depths you’ll notice an eclectic group of karaoke hopefuls performing for the slew of drunken patrons. Scoring the spot next to the brick column you’ll be shocked at the absurd talent sneaking their way through the crowd to the front as their name is joyously announced by the DJ who might be having more fun than anyone else in the bar. Grab a beer or an interesting concoction from the menu while singing along to classic yarns and modern tunes. After taking a look around you may realize you’ve done almost all the activities Koreatown has to offer, then you hear your name announced. Time to complete the night.


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