Age of Exploration Causes and Effects Taylor Skeers 1B

Spain Finances Christopher Columbus' Voyage to the Spice Islands

Christopher Columbus


- The Portuguese were gaining success due to the spice trade. Due to this, Spain wanted to get involved in the spice trade as well to gain success and wealth.

- Spain reconquers territories, giving them more money. Because of this, they now have money to spend on exploration.

-Christopher went to the king and queen of Spain and told them that he had a shortcut to the Spice Islands. He offered to take the voyage for them and bring spices back to Spain.


- Columbus accidentally goes to the Americas. However, he still thinks that he has arrived in the East Indies.

- The Spanish begin to colonize in the Americas in search of wealth and success.

- The Spanish use the Americas for agricultural purposes which causes them to gain wealth.

Marco Polo's "Wonders of the World" is Published

Marco Polo

- Marco Polo was an Italian merchant traveler. Who brought goods from Asia back to Europe.

- Marco Polo recorded all of his travels in a book titled "Wonders of the World". The book, however, was not published at this point so nobody had access to what he had written.

- The printing press was invented by Johannes Gutenberg, who then printed and published Marco Polo's book. Now, his work was more accessible to people and those who had access to books at that time, could read it.


- Marco Polo introduced Europeans to the Silk Road in Central Asia and China which gave them more access to spices and other goods.

- In his book, Marco Polo exaggerated the size of Asia and some of the oceans that he crossed. This obviously caused people who read this book to have no idea where they were going.

- Anybody who read the book had no idea that the Americas were even there and thought that they could just sail straight to India.

Spanish Conquistadors use Native People for Slave Labor

Spanish conquistador

- European now had access to sugar. As a result, they became addicted to sugar. Since they were now addicted to sugar, they were willing to pay large amounts of money just to have sugar.

- It was discovered that he tropics were perfect for growing sugar cane and that it would be profitable to grow sugar there to sell to the Europeans.


- Bartolome de las Casas, a Spanish preist, wrote to the Spanish conquistadors saying that they should not enslave the native people anymore. The Spanish people took his letter into account.

- Spanish Conquistadors begin importing slaves from Africa to use for labor instead of the native people.

- Now, as a result of the Spanish importing slaves from Africa, most people in those areas are of African decent.

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