The BBFC stands for- The British Board of Film Classification. They are the company responsible for giving films their age ratings.

HOW many age rating categories are there and what are they?

there are currently eight different age rated categories.

This means the the film was made just for kids, an example is Peppa Pig. This has been rated Uc because, this is made for children only and does not include any violence or anything that may cause any distress.

This means that the film is suitable for young children and babies, films which are rated this are films like Magnus, this is U because it it includes very mild bad language.

These are films made for young children. PG means parental guidence, this means that if you are young child, it is suggested that you have an adult with you.

This film includes violence, this is shown when she nearly kills man when she puts an ice shard right up to his face. There is also mild threat, this is shown when she tells everyone to stay back when she is threatening them with ice shards.

This age rating means that it is made for all ages, but you must have a concenting adult with you to see it. This is probably because it may include violence ore mild bad language.

This is a 12a because it includes upsetting images of real death and illness. This is shown when halfway through they show dead people and people dying of an illness.

These are films made for people age twelve and over, this could be because the film may contain violence and bad language.

This film has been rated a 12, this is because it contains strong bloody violence and gory injury detail. This is seen in the trailer when a bunch of men decide to start beating some one up, and then a few moments later it shows the gruesome injuries they have.

15 means that the film is made for people 15 and over, this is probably because it includes strong language, violence and many others.

This film has been rated a 15, this is because it includes strong language and also it contains frequent strong horror. This is shown when the creature is shown to be crawling across the wall, and where it says "he is hungry", this suggests that he is going to everyone and thats why he has body bags in his car.

If a fim is rated 18 this means that the film has been made specifically for people 18 and over. This means the film probably includes strong violence, strong language and many other things.

This has been rated an 18 because it includes strong gory horror and strong language, this is shown when a man falls into a pile of spikes.


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