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Shottio is designed by creatives for creatives to develop storyboards, pitches, style frames, animatics and much more - quickly and hassle free.

Shottio helps you keep your material in one place, easily accessible and organized. It keeps all previous versions of your uploaded media for reference and comparison. Shottio allow you to discuss your work with teammates and keep everyone up to date. You can then share your story as a movie or choose from a set of pretty awesome PDF layouts.

"Shottio integrates freelance storyboard artists inside a pipeline and allow the artists to review their work in context. Being able to load an editorial cut and commenting directly on each boards will reduce the amount of transferred files by keeping everything under one tool. I see great benefits in using Shottio."

Andre Bastien - Director of R&D @ L'Atelier Animation

Shottio users can upload and organize their artwork and sound material on a timeline and preview it live. They can upload multiple images and versions per unit, testing new ideas and time changes without risk.

Shottio is a collaborative tool. Pre-production gets simplified by inviting others to collaborate and give feedback on the story.

PDFs and boardomatics can be shared on the main social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

"Shottio is one amazing visual tool for creatives minds and their collaborators wanting to keep track of all the details of what makes a great sequence while keeping an eye on “the BIG PICTURE". Its great visuals makes it easy to track, comment, annotate or simply replace shots in a sequence. One of the rare tools out there really tackling the importance of shot continuity in service of great storytelling."

Ghislain Ouellet - Independant Artistic and Cinematic Director

One Shottio, three plans:

Free gets the user started with Shottio's fast and intuitive world of storyboard creation.

Pro allows the user to collaborate on an unlimited number of stories with other Pro users all around the world in real time.

Studio contains all the awesomeness of the Pro version plus special features tailored for pre-production workflow in a studio.

Shottio Free Features:

  • Create a story and customize it with the name, frame rate and type
  • Invite ONE teammate to work with you on your Story in real-time
  • Upload images in JPG, GIF or PNG format
  • Upload one MP3 file to have a soundtrack to sync the images to
  • Update any image with a new version and keep the old one for reference or comparison
  • Preview units and review uploaded versions
  • Use color coding for a better overview of the units or to indicate a unit status
  • Create labels and write detailed production and post-production notes in the NOTES tab
  • Stretch and move units on the Timeline to set a preferred tempo or sync them to the uploaded soundtrack
  • Preview your story
  • Export the story as a boardomatic or different PDF layouts (100 exports per month)
  • Download your exported PDF or share them on social media

Shottio Pro Features:

  • Create an unlimited number of stories
  • Invite teammates to collaborate in real time
  • Discuss the units in the COMMENTS tab and instantly get notified of changes and updates
  • Get answers to all your questions through our e-mail support
  • Personalize your stories with branded PDF exports
  • Protect your boardomatic with your logos and watermarks
  • And more coming soon...

Shottio Studio Features:

  • All the features of the Pro version
  • Workflow features
  • API
  • A world of possibilities

To access our press kit material, follow the link below:

Shottio, the most awesome web-based storyboard platform on the entire internet!

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