Computer Programming Alan Guajardo

Computer Programming is not for everyone, some may find it boring, and some may find it tedious. But I'm here to say, I think this job is for me.

Basically, this job is all about bossing your computer around, you want to tell your computer what to do in certian cases, and when to do them. This is helpful because we can create programs that help us in our daily lives. For example, creating a cool game, or making a good website!

There's a task list that is followed most of the time, and this includes correcting errors in your programs, and updating, modifying, and expanding existing programs. We also have to write and contribute to technical user manuals.

But, you can't do it without school, or skills! First of all, you need to get good at computers, here's a few classes that might help, Computer Applications, Computer programming, and Computer science. You should also work on your reasoning and problem solving, math and science, and communication. But there's a small downside, you have to sit for long periods of time, and do the same movments all day!

Typically you are going to need to write memos and letters often, and you're always working indoors, but there's going to be deadlines so chop chop! And most often, you work 40 hours a week, with no traveling.

You want to take 4 years of Computer science so you must be ready for that! You probably want to take an internship for work experiancane training lasts for up to one year. The wages are good with around 77,810$ in Wages, and a very large outlook inMinnesota. You should also take computer programming, and computer Engineering tech.

If I would choose any job, I would go with this one because the benifits are sick leave, insurance, vacations, sick leage, and a retirement plan, AND It pays really well!


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