George Washington We make America great

Why he is a good ledaer

George Washington is a good leader because he tried democracy before the French and Indian war with asking the french to leave. George also has good military strategies seen at the battle of Trenton with attacking the Hessian soldiers while they were drunk and sleeping. George is also not afraid to ask for when help is desperately needed seen at valley forge when he asked Marquis De Lafayette to train his soldiers. George also knows when to strategically retreat seen at the first battle of fort Duquense. He was also a general in the Continental Army.


For his secretary of war, the person who advises the president on military actions, but also is in charge of the army and defense for the country George picked Henry Knox. George did this because Henry is good military strategist. For his secretary of state, the person who deals with foreign countries George picked Thomas Jefferson. George did this because Thomas is experienced in dealing with countries for example France, and Thomas can speak well and does not get angry easily. For his Secretary of Treasury, The person who is charge of the country's economy and financial security George picked Alexander Hamilton. The reason George did this is because Alex is smart and he does not easily let people sway his opinion which is important when dealing with money. For his attorney general, the person who is the lawyer and adviser for the president George picked Edmund Randolph. George did this because Edmund has experience in the law and in politics.

Jefferson and Hamilton

Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton are great picks for the cabinet because they have experience dealing with politics. Seen in the convention for the constitution. Hamilton and Jefferson are also on opposite political factions which George would benefit from because he would hear both sides of the story so his opinions would not be biased.

Elastic Clause

The elastic clause is vital to our country because in order maintain our wealth we need to have a bank. The only way we can have a bank is by using the elastic clause. The elastic clause is an article in the constitution that says congress has the authority to do whatever is necessary and proper.


The way Washington and Hamilton will get us out of debt is by imposing tariffs which are taxes on imported goods. They will also have taxes that are not too high, but just enough to work on getting us out of debt.

D.C. for the capitol.

D.C. is a good location for the capitol because it is in the middle of our country and is easily defended. It's good to have the capitol in the middle because no side can claim it as on their side that is important because it can prevent conflict.

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