Religions Within By Maxwell Watson

Week 1: Christianity

In The Vatican City, here I am, exploring the many complex secrets of Christianity. The Vatican is located in Italy, surrounded by the Roman landmass, surrounded by the people who killed their Messiah. The crowds in the vatican are larger than I have ever seen. People ironically push, and shove, and hurt each other, just to get a glimpse of the pope. The churches in this area are very tall, in the traditional Catholic form. Tall, pointed, spires rise into the sky, trying to reach up to God, as seen below.

The Christians worship not only their God, but also the pope himself. This site has been the place of worship for hundreds of years.

Week 2: Islam

Here I travel to the sacred city of Mecca. This is the most sacred place to the Islamic religion, because this is the place where their prophet, Muhammad, was born. There is no place on earth that is considered more holy to the Islamic religion. During certain holidays, Mecca will be so filled that not everyone will fit inside of the city at once. Here, the roofs are pointing up into the sky, at God.

Week 3: Judaism

In the sacred city of Jerusalem, the most prominent religion is Judaism. However, this city is also sacred to the Christians as well as Islamics. This city is where the Israelites found their "promised land" from God. Judaism is what all three of these religions are derived from. The Jews have multiple sacred sites here, such as the Wailing wall, and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, as seen below.

Week 4: Hinduis

The Hindu religion is the oldest known religion to date.They begun in India,and have the since moved all around the globe, but the largest population still resides in the religions birthplace. The men and women who practice this religion make pilgrimages to India occasionally. One of these spots is Varanasi, as seen below.

As you can see, the architecture here is similar to others. It is tall, and pointing to God.

Week 5: Buddhism

The buddhist religion is all about enlightenment. Their prophet, Buddha, was the one who begun the religion. He studied humans, and found that what was holding us back from greatness was suffering. And so he decided that he waned to show people the way to enlightenment, to reduce suffering and live a happier life. All of the buildings in this religion are pointing to God as well.


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