Chapter 5: Amanda JOnes


The first set of shoes are my aunts baby shoes that she knit for me. The second pair of shoes are my dads work shoes. Third pair are my grandpa's shoes that we found while cleaning his house. Fourth pair are my neighbors baby shoes and her bottle I took this picture at their house because the background was really pretty. Fifth pair are my cousins shoes. The last pair are my old converse that I found in my garage.


I really loved how these artists used many different types of settings on each photo like the first one they used a slow shutter speed to make it motion. The second use and fourth used a very fast shutter speed to get the perfect thunder shot and perfect wave hitting shot.


The first two are symmetrical I took with a tripod at the Monterey bay aquarium i photoshopped my self twice so that it would become the same the bottom two are asymmetrical.


The first photo is from Disneyland last weekend what I did was i used the bandage tool to get rid of the people in the photo so that you focus more on the castle instead of everything else. The second photo I cropped the photo to make Carli in the first corner and brightened and sharpened the photo.

Thematic: Disneyland :)

These pictures are from disneyland last weekend for my cheer competition. I didn't have my camera but I took this with my iPhone 7 and I'm incredibly proud of how these turned out.

Favorite photo:

This picture is my favorite because Pluto is my favorite disney character and he took my lollipop and posed like that really close to my camera. If you look at the blue thing behind him its supposed to look like it cause I was in Toontown when I saw him and its blue gunk coming out of the wall.

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