PALS Adult Program Edition 49: December 16th, 2016

Hello and welcome to Edition 49! This will be a big newsletter since we have missed a few weeks and have lots to catch up on...enjoy!

We concluded our Christmas fundraiser and would like to thank everyone for all their support! It was an amazing success and we are so proud of all the hard work each and every student did!

Take a look at our impressive total numbers and all the steps that went into completing all our orders!

Candle Orders:

  • Total Candle Boxes Sold: 159
  • Total Individual Candles Sold: 128
  • Total Candles Poured: 600
  • TOTAL REVENUE: $4,076

Cookie Orders:

  • Total Cookie Boxes Sold: 138
  • Total Cookies Baked: 2,536
  • TOTAL REVENUE: $2,070


  • Total Labels Placed (both Cookie & Candle): 2,412

The Christmas fundraiser made a combined total of $6,146!!!

Steps Involved in Creating a Candle Box:

  1. Place tape over top of tin.
  2. Poke hole in the centre and thread wick through.
  3. Melt wax on the stove.
  4. Add essential oils to the tin.
  5. Pour wax into the tin and let dry.
  6. Remove tape from the top of the tin.
  7. Wipe the sides of the tin to get rid of spilled wax.
  8. Trim wick.
  9. Place lid on top.
  10. Place label on top of the tin.
  11. Place two labels on the side of the candle, equally spaced.
  12. Put together candle box.
  13. Place label inside the box.
  14. Stuff box with tissue paper.
  15. Cut ribbon to proper length.
  16. Hot glue gun ribbon around the box.
  17. Place three candles inside.
  18. Fold coloured tissue and cover candles, close box.
  19. Place label on top of the box.
  20. Tie ribbon around the top and tie into bow.
  21. Review orders and place into bag.
  22. Check off order form, attach invoice and staple thank you card to bag.

Steps Involved in Making a Cookie Box:

  1. Grocery shop for ingredients.
  2. Prepare dough by mixing ingredients.
  3. Set in fridge.
  4. Roll oatmeal cookies into a ball.
  5. Roll sugar cookies into a ball and dip in brown sugar.
  6. Line a baking tray with parchment paper.
  7. Place oatmeal cookies onto a tray.
  8. Place brown sugar cookies onto tray and press down with a fork.
  9. Bake in the oven.
  10. Remove from oven and place cookies on a cooling rack.
  11. Transfer cookies into containers and place in freezer.
  12. When ready to package, remove from freezer.
  13. Stack 8 sugar cookies on one side of the bag.
  14. Stack 8 oatmeal cookies on the other side of the bag.
  15. Close bag with twist tie.
  16. Put together cookie box.
  17. Place cookie bag inside box.
  18. Cover with coloured tissue.
  19. Close box and place label on top.
  20. Review order form and place into bag.
  21. Check off order form, attach invoice and staple thank you card to bag.

Here is a look at the last few weeks of preparing the Christmas orders!

Wow!! It's so beautiful! The candles and cookies are gorgeous! I feel so proud!! I worked so hard and I love all the candles and cookies. TANYA

I was putting together boxes that were for the cookies and the candles. It was pretty hard but I went slow and did it. I put together a whole bunch! MELISSA

I think the candles and cookies were nice. They looked really good. I can't believe we sold so many. Maybe we could spend some of the money and go for a nice lunch at red robins. Or we could get a big bus and go to a big amusement park! KARL

Cookies and candles are finished! Wow! No more. It was hard work phew I'm exhausted. I need a break. We did a great job! ARIEL

In baking I liked rolling the dough into balls. It felt soft. CHRIS. C

I was putting the cookies into the bag. I worked with Chris. O. We were good. TANYA

I worked so hard with the boxes. I was good at putting them together, I was so fast. I had fun helping. KYLE

I folded the boxes. I put stickers inside. CHARLIE

I like the candles! I am good at getting labels and putting them on. I am so fast! JULIA

I tried a new job of gluing the ribbon onto the box with a hot glue gun. It was hot so I had to be careful. I like labelling but I also liked this. SANGEON

I put cookies in the box and labels on the candles and boxes. I used gloves when I touched the cookies. I labeled the candles by putting the stickers on the sides. I think the cookies and the candles are really nice. SANGEON

Tanya was tying a bow. She needed my finger! I was helping her. My finger got stuck! JULIA

I tied bows. Wow so many! I needed Julia's finger. The presents looked beautiful! TANYA

Man we worked so hard! How cool is that! Maybe we can spend the money we made on food. Like going out for lunch together because I like hanging out with my friends. JAMIE

I helped out with the cookies and the candles. I had to roll the cookies into balls and then put it on a tray. I really liked doing it. I cleaned off the candles after they had dried with a cloth to make them look nice. FRASER

So many cookies!! Yum yum yum! TANYA

Oh my gosh I can't believe haw many candles and cookies we made! I am so proud of us and our hard work. Maybe we can spend the money we made on a really cool field trip. BETHANY

I feel proud because we did all the orders and people liked them. Maybe we can go to a restaurant and eat something together with the money we made. Or maybe fly to Hong Kong? Jk we would need to sell a lot more candles and cookies! NICOLE

I helped to decorate the box by putting on a sticker. I put the tissue around the cookies in the box and closed it. The cookies are delicious! We made so much stuff it's pretty cool. It would be fun to buy lots of colouring books for everyone. It would also be cool to go on a plane together with my friends and go to Las Vegas! We could do some gambling and go swimming. GABBY

We welcomed back our autism dogs! They will continue to come in the new year!

I had fun with the autism dog. Her name was Diane. She was so sweet and nice. I liked walking around with her outside on the leash. GABBY

It was Abbie's first time working with the autism dogs! She did a great job and had lots of fun!

The dog was sitting. I gave the dog a kiss. The dog is cute! JULIA

I was with the doggie. The dogs name was Diane. She is so nice. Diane gave me a kiss on my cheek. It was so funny! It was tickly! ARIEL

We did a lot of fun Christmas activities!

Making gingerbread houses was so fun. I put all kinds of candy on it! NICOLE

Making ginger bread houses was sweet! I just wanted to eat all the candy! JAMIE

We decorated the ginger bread houses with candies! I kinda wanted to eat some. I'm wearing antlers because it's Christmas! They jingle when I move my head! GABBY

Laila walked to CAN to wish everyone a merry Christmas!

Doug loved taking out all the Christmas decorations! He was decorating right up until the last day! He loved having his own tree in his room!

I was doing some Christmas colouring for a card. I had a good time at pals this year, I had so much fun! I am excited to see everyone back here in January! MELISSA

I am making Christmas brunch. I am hungry. I like the fruit and the stuffing. KYLE

I was making cheese and ham buns for our Christmas brunch. They will taste really good, we are also making stuffing. KARL

Laila brought in chocolates for all her friends! She went around and handed them out.

The Christmas brunch turned out fantastic!

We did a secret Santa and got presents for each other! BETHANY

Some students went to their work Christmas parties!

I went to lunch with EFAP! I had noodles and pizza and salad! It was so fun! They gave me a Christmas present! It was marbles and word searches and bingo! I felt so happy. JULIA

We went to the St. Paul's Christmas party! It was a party for all the volunteers! We had a turkey lunch with mashed potatoes and vegetables. There was a big line up but it was okay. We got to see our supervisor Brandon and he gave us some chocolates and he loved our Christmas cards we gave him! BETHANY

Monika, Bethany and I went to St. Paul's to have a party. I had lunch at the cafeteria. It was new to me. I had good foods at St. Paul's hospital like mashed potatoes, carrots and more. The taste was good. SANGEON

The Christmas party at bc cancer was so fun. I ate lots of snacks but I also did some work. I got to talk to some people. KARL

I went to the BC cancer foundation Christmas party. It was such a good time! I went with Karl. I had some cookies and food and I got to say merry Christmas to Stephanie who is my supervisor. I am so happy we were invited to come. NICOLE

Fraser and Julia got pay cheques for their hard work at Go Studios! We had a party!

I got a cheque for all my hard work at Go Studios! I am so excited!! I earned all that money myself. I think I want to buy my own clothes with it, maybe a cool white tshirt. We had a party to celebrate! FRASER

I got money. I did lots of work at Go Studios. They paid me! I want to buy mcdonalds and a new hat with my money! Yay! JULIA

We said goodbye to Michaela who is having a baby! We will miss you!

You are my favourite music therapist I can't wait until you come back. I will miss you. Your baby is going to be wonderful I can't wait to meet her! NICOLE

There is a baby in Michaela's tummy. I want the baby to be born. Michaela's tummy looks like it is hurting. Her tummy is big! I think the baby should be named Amy or Jenna. TANYA


The time has come, it's finally Christmas break!

I'm going to enjoy the holidays and eat lots of cake!

I'm going to be so happy, it's no fake!

Don't worry I'll be back in January for goodness sake!


Q: What do you call an old snowman?

A: Water.

It's been a busy but fun year! Everyone deserves a long nap! Zzzzzzzzz

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season with family and friends! The Adult Program will re open on Wednesday, January 4th.

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