Customer Care in the Sport Industry Seminar three

In this weeks lecture we described the importance of customer service policies within an organisation and evaluated their content.

Organisations need to evaluate their current position in order to correctly position a customer service policy within an organisation. Customer service policies need to be embedded within an organisation following established principles and the customer service delivery that follows the implementation of the policy needs to follow quality principles.

There is an argument that a standardised approach can raise customer service standards.

For the first part of this weeks seminar you are to read through the 2 example customer service policies that are in week 3 of the module Learnzone page and highlight any strengths or weaknesses that you think are in the policy. For example what do you think is good about the policy and what could be improved?

For part two of this weeks seminar you are currently managing a small independent gym in a local town. You have been tasked with devising a customer service policy that can be circulated to all staff and members. Think about the key points from this weeks lecture on implementing an effective customer service policy. Your policy should be no longer than 750 words.

Please submit your tasks through the turnitin link on week 3 on the module on your Learnzone page.


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