Coming Home By: Dillon Flynn

Far in the forest, the night was constant. Night lasted for years while the sun just said a quick hello and disappeared. The waters ran through miles of empty greenness. The forest went on forever and ever, no city or technology anywhere. The ragged trees made great homes for small animals; however, there were none. Silence and wind filled the empty trees, whoosh. There were barely any signs of life at all except some robotic evil monkeys who hated people.

And there was a small boy named Maple. He is only ten years old. Maple lives inside a Maple tree (coincidence huh?). He lives alone and yet he feels alive in the forest. Maple has magic space powers, fly for a short time and move things with his mind. Maple loves to sit down and think about the forest. He doesn't know how he got them or why he lives alone in the forest. Maple has to protect himself from the evil Robot monkeys.

On a day to day basis, Maple writes songs and lessons for himself,

however something was different today, something different, odd, off, unwanted. Thunder started to come in. The world fell under the storms evil spell of darkness and the world was vulnerble to the menace that was the grey storms. It was natural to rain, but to thunderstorm, that was never seen. Maple doesn't even remember the last thunderstorm. It covered the world in murky darkness. Trees fell, the ground is ripped from inside the earth. Everything in Maple’s tree was flying out and being destroyed.

In all the destruction and chaos Maple found something shiny, beautiful in the distance. He had no idea what it was, but he need it. Maple sprinted as fast as he could through the trees. Jumping, sprinting, panting, every feeling of exhaustion, Maple felt it. As he got closer the sparkled shine disappeared, and so did everything else. * * *

As Maple woke up it was still storming and making him very scared. But he was so close to the shiny rectangle, and he found himself stuck under a huge tree! After managing to wiggle out, he grabbed the small object and crawled to his Maple tree. Maple had found many shiny things before and he kept them sacred. He looked at his biggest prized possession, the T.V. He decided to put his new shiny rectangle inside the T.V. And it played something! It was two parents and a baby. The man was floating around a forest. He talked to the baby that one day he would fly too. Maple knew it was him. "I can fly... I can Dad..." Maple said out loud. At this moment Maple knew he would have to build the courage to find his parents. He knew he had to find them because he loved them and he knew in his heart that they would never forget him. “I will find you Mom and Dad. Here I come.”

Maple now finally knew about his past. In the video his father was holding a map that led him straight to their home. The map told Maple flew up to the highest point in his tree to look for the chimney, this was his only hope. It may be hard but he must find them because he loved them that much. Through out the forest the will find them, no matter how long it takes.He looked far out into the massive beautiful forest to find smoke. It was from the chimney that looked like the house that was pictured in the map. As Maple was climbing down his gigantic tree with the sticky sap, he heard something. “OOH--OOH--AAAAH-AAAAH!” It was the screeching sounds of the Robotic-Monkeys.

They were coming from everywhere, the river, the trees and swinging on the vines. His heart was racing, his head felt as if it was being squashed by a sledgehammer. Maple was thinking if he would ever escape the monkeys and reach his family. He jumped through every hole and ran through every bush no matter how painful it would be. I know, i'll hide in a hole to lose the Robot-monkeys, Maple thought, he didn't want to hurt them. It worked, the monkeys kept chasing while he hid. After about ten minutes he thought it was safe. But when he jumped out one Robot-monkey stared him down. His heart was running marathon. Then it leaped onto his leg, Maple kicked it off and ran as fast as he could. After seamless hours of pain he found the house.

The house that would change everything. His life would change forever.

As he knocked on the door of his parents he saw them. Their faces were just like on the tape, they looked like him. “Mom, Dad? Its me Maple.” Maple enthusiastically said, “Huh? We never had a son named Maple…” his Dad replied. Maples dad slammed the door. In the back Maple saw a picture of the father and wife flying in the forest, holding a baby. “Why, why, why! He doesn't remember me!” Maple screamed out loud. He saw the picture, it said Johnny. As Maple tried to ring the doorbell his father locked the door. Tears cluttered Maples eyes, he walked away and stared back into the large dark unforgiving forest.

The end…

Created By
Dillon Flynn

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