Motte and bailey ChlOe Knapp

Introduction the Normans buildt motte and bailey castels quickly thousands of years ago 3 ready made castels were brought by William the conqueror for 7000 trips the normans inuaded england William the conqueror ho fort he's the boss lots more motte and bailey castels thar trips to stay


castle's were made of wood now it's stone so it don't burn down and fall on there heads drawbridges are made out of wood. A motte and bailey castles have a motte a bailey a keep and moat.


The are lots of defences on a castles

arrow loop's are small gaps so people can shot there target a crenilashion are blocks on the roof so nights can hide moat is water Arond the castles so people cant get in to steel envy think ore atack the king and qeen a drawbrige keep targets out that might try to get in on hours back a murder holl is a gap in the roof Norman's tip Posen down

Everyday life

life in a castle they have job's like nights servants .servants cooked cleaned and gardened the steward looked after the castle when the king was not there the king played bord games and hade party's for fun they had poets they also went hunting.

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