Introduction: Construction in the 21st Century│Hubert Rhomberg, Cree GmbH

Keynotes and Discussion

Emotional Communication & the Virtuous Data-Cycle│Mauricio Rodriguez, Raumgleiter

Digital Fabrication in Architecture│Dr René Jähne, ETH Zürich

The Trimble Constructible Process│David Banjac, Trimble

BIM to Fabrication│Fabian Scheurer, Design for Production

Digital Planning and Manufacturing

Integral planning with creative innovation for building the future│Christoph Achammer, ATP

openBIM enable DfMA (D) & Lean│Brigitta Schock

High up with wood│Olin Bartlomé, Lignum

Prefabrication of wood boxes│Matthias Kaufmann, Kaufmann carpentry/joinery

Rethinking the design and construction process to enhance performance and reduce impact│Hubert Rhomberg, Cree GmbH

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