Texas reconstruction news


Our great nation rebuildes today, after the defeat of the confederacy. What will the standards be for re-entry to the union, and how will our new president handle it compared to Lincoln? And was the asasination of lincoln really the best plan for the confederacy?

presidential plans

we can only hope that our new president will follow through on Lincolns original plan. for his own sake. but soon we shall find out, what is our new presidents plan for reconstruction of the union

slavery ends in Texas!

Soon after the new governor was appointed in Texas, slavery was banned from practice. we can only wait to see how the Texas government will keep its racist citizens from stopping this bill.

New Texas governor appointed!

A new Governor has been appointed to the legislature in Texas, following his discovery of also being a racist Texan(basically). in other news, unconfirmed reports of bias among the constitutional convention. more on this story later.

A new constitution for Texas!

A new constitution has been created for Texas, and boy its got loopholes so big you could fit Alaska in it! its filled with "black codes" restricting every basic need of freedmen, so that they barely have what they need to survive.

congress takes control!

After the catastrophic failure of pres. Johnsons plan congress has taken control of recontruction. hope they will address the issue in Texas, or they'll be just as bad as the president

radical reconstruction!

congresses new plan for reconstruction, do it, just not like president Johnson! congresses plan is neearly as flawed as his! we'll just wait and see.

Freedmen get the vote! but for how long?

and guess what, almost nobody registers! the problem, the klu klux klan. the infamous group of people that dress up in white clothing to fight back against freedmens rights. wimps, cant even show their faces.

reconstruction ends in texas!

Texas is officially declared reconstructed, and maybe this is a turn for the better. but with reconstruction ending, federal troops are withdrawn. and that means the fighting can begin. and will the U.S truly ever be the same again? no.


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