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Why Wolf Howls

Heather Bemis

Long ago, Great Spirit roamed the Earth, but there was nothing to see. There was no spirit to push the river or move the wind. The land was silent. Great Spirit created Wind, River, Hawk, Coyote, Wolf, Grasshopper Mouse, Bear, and many other creatures. The land was no longer silent, Wind blew the air about and saw many things, River moved the water and brought gifts to those by her shore, and the animals moved among each other seeking what they needed and giving what they could.

The Great Spirit gathered them all together and told them to be aware of how one another feels, for only then could they live together in peace for the eternity to come. If the hunter is aware of the prey’s wishes, he will hunt sparingly and only kill what he needs. The pray will likewise understand that by dyeing, he has given his life to sustain a friend. All creatures are to look out for one another, but beware, those who don’t will be excluded to live unprotected and alone. After this speech, Great Spirit left to silently watch the actions of the world unfold. The Great Spirit watched for many years, occasionally teaching someone a skill or language to help improve their understanding of the world and everyone in it.

One evening, many decades after Great Spirit’s speech, Wolf was preparing for the night. As she was laying down, she heard a howl coming from the bottom of her hill. Leaning over, she saw Coyote looking up at the sky and speaking a strange language. A tongue Great Spirit had recently bestowed upon him.

Wolf scampered down and asked brother Coyote what he was saying, and who he was talking to. Coyote replied that he was telling Wind good night, and kindly showed Wolf the howl for “good night.” Wolf loved practicing that howl.

Every night after that, Wolf asked for another howl. Wolf was so focused on learning new howls that she paid no attention to Coyote’s feelings, or his comments that he was growing annoyed with her tenacity. Wolf did learn several howls, but she still could not understand Wind or Coyote’s conversations. She wondered what useful tidbits she was missing, and became even more determined to learn the Language of Wind.

Coyote, meanwhile, had grown so exasperated that he refused to teach her anymore and told her to leave him in peace. Wolf promptly asked how she could redeem herself, and Coyote answered that she could take Grasshopper Mouse with along and protect her.

Wolf and Grasshopper Mouse traveled east for several days; Wolf watching for Hawk, who would love to snack on Grasshopper Mouse, by day and curling round Grasshopper Mouse at night to keep her warm. As the pair entered a different forest, Wolf heard a whistling not unlike Coyote’s howls. She ran toward the sound, leaving Grasshopper Mouse behind.

As night set, Wolf saw the source of the sound. They told her they were Whistling Rocks. She was about to beg Whistling Rocks to teach her the Language of Wind, when she realized she had forgotten about Grasshopper Mouse.

Great Spirit’s words “Be aware of how one another feels…All creatures are to look out for one another, but beware, those who don’t will be excluded to live unprotected and alone” ran though Wolf’s mind the entire run back to where she left Grasshopper mouse. After a long, frantic search, Wolf knew she would never speak to Wind, Coyote, or any other creature again. She had not paid attention to the feelings of others, nor had she redeemed herself by looking out for Grasshopper Mouse. She knew she would be shunned by all creatures, including Wind, for disregarding Great Spirit’s command.

She sat, knowing her fate, but still hoping Grasshopper Mouse had survived the dangers Wolf had preciously protected her from. Wolf may have forgotten to follow Great Spirit’s instruction, but she still believed in it and wanted Grasshopper Mouse to be safe. In the silence, Wolf heard a faint scuff. She looked up, to find Grasshopper Mouse wriggling out from under a bush. Wolf dashed over, yelping and barking for joy. She made a pledge to herself to pay closer attention to all tasks she may be given in the future, and to never skirt an undertaking for anything ever again. Grasshopper Mouse heard her pledge, and decided that Wolf had remembered the lesson and deserved another chance. Grasshopper Mouse told Wolf that she would not tell anyone about Wolf’s lapse, as there was more than one way to look out for someone.

Wolf asked Grasshopper Mouse if she would like to visit Whistling Rocks and learn the Language of Wind. With Grasshopper Mouse’s assent, Wolf led her to them. Whistling Rocks offered to teach both Wolf and Grasshopper Mouse, so the pair stayed with them for many weeks.

18 months later, Wolf and Grasshopper Mouse walked back to Coyote. Wolf could now understand Wind’s howls, and the knowledge she roared. Wolf learned much and had great fun howling with Wind, Coyote, and Grasshopper Mouse. Today, Wolf continues to howl to Wind at every opportunity. That is why Wolf howls.

Heather Bemis

222 South 7th Street

Central Point, OR 97502

(541) 727 – 7017



  • Exhibits excellent work ethic, dependability, and attention to detail. Able to maintain 4.00 GPA while participating in Girl Scouts, Boy Scout Venturing Crew, Crater Mathlete Team, Crater Leadership Club, and various side jobs such as child care and packing.
  • Enjoys math and design in both Pre and AP Calculus, in such activities as: designing a logo on Rhino to be printed on a 3D printer, integrating large functions, and formulating notes into an unofficial textbook, building prototypes of new equipment such as a “door knocker,” and fabricating a disk golf basket.
  • Improved efficiency in organization by quickly organizing and packing items for long term storage as part of a house cleaning job.
  • Skilled in analysis when considering the best course of action in ethical debates, such as, preserving a human life as a robot, or examining a weld to see how its quality could be improved.
  • Established leader; in charge of the construction of a disk golf course at Lorna Byrne Middle School, promoted efficient planning in her BSA Venturing Crew by minimizing off topic discussion, and taught outdoor skills as a “Leave No Trace” trainer.


Crater School of Business, Innovation, and Science – Central Point, OR

  • Senior graduating Crater High School in 2017. Enrolled in AP Calculus, Spanish, physics, and welding. Hopes to major in mechanical engineering in order to enter the field of rehabilitation engineering and assistive devises.

Work Experience

  • Child Care: Jackson County, August 2016 – present
  • Cared for two boys, aged 2 – 5, up to seven hours a day.
  • House Keeping: Jackson County, September 2016 – present
  • Assisted with packing and unpacking, organization, painting, and/or dusting for various houses in Jackson county.

Activities and Community Involvement

  • Girl Scout National Delegate, 2014 - 2016
  • BSA Venturing Crew, 2013 - present
  • Crater Leadership, 2016 - 2017
  • SOML (Mathleats), 2013, 2016 - 2017
  • Engineering camp, 2015
  • Summer robotics class, 2013
  • Assist in Special Ed room, 2013
  • Managed sled run at Snowcapades, 2015 - present
  • Ran booth at Easter Extravaganza, 2015, 2016

Computer Skills

  • Beginning Skills
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Windows 10
  • Intermediate Skills
  • Microsoft Word
  • Movie Maker
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Microsoft Power Point
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Slides


Jeremy Sinks

655 North Third Street

Central Point, OR 97502

(541) 494 6300


Allison Williams

655 North Third Street

Central Point, OR 97502

(541) 494 6300


Naomi Bell

1001 Northeast Dewey Drive

Grants Pass, OR 97526

(541) 474 9845


UN project


  • In junior year my block class, Arts and Engineering, focused on the United Nations. I studied Rwanda in depth. The UN project I competed included, a 39 page paper, a display board and artifacts, a scene plot for Twelve Night if it were set in Africa, a Public Service Announcement video, and many other components.


  • I am proud of the depth of study I achieved; I feel like I know Rwanda better than I know the United States! I am proudest of the large paper. Even though the paper was made up of many small reports written throughout the year, it is still the longest document I have ever written.


  • It was difficult to find information on some of the subjects I was asked to research. Health care and environmental problems were some of the hardest to find information on.


  • I learned a lot about Rwanda, the United Nations, and Africa; but I also learned research skills, how to make an effective advertisement for the betterment of humanity, and the multitude of aspects behind the creation of a play.

Logo Project


  • We sketched out a logo, calculated the equations necessary to graph it, and created a 3D model of it. Then our teacher 3D printed it.


  • I am proud that I overcame the challenges and made a successful, 3D printed object.


  • I had completed half of the project, and was just starting to understand it, when I managed to lose the flash drive with my work. I had to start over, when I was already behind.


  • I learned to use Rhino, Sketch-up, an equation editor program, and the calculations required to graph each line of the complex logo.

Glass Box


  • One of the projects I did in Glass Art was etching glass squares and soldering them into a box. The images I etched were created on Adobe Illustrator.


  • I am proud of how well my box turned out. I was afraid the sand blasting would remove the smaller pieces of covering and cause unwanted etching.


  • It was difficult to cut out the thin lines for Design 4, the foam cover continued to slide despite the adhesive.


  • I learned the process of etching glass by sand blasting, and more advanced Adobe Illustrator skills. I also learned that to solder glass squares, the edges need to be covered with copper tape, coated in flux, then soldered.

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