Charity Diary Cover Design practice ASSESSMENT 1 :Joural - Portfolio development (XiaohUI WU)


TIMELINE-Include a visual timeline diagram that show how you will complete the Diary Cover Design over the remaining nice weeks. Timeline must incorporate the Design Process ( Planning> Research > Idea Generation > Concept Development >Refinement > Production > Evaluation)

CHARITY (Who has the communication need) - write overview about your charity here ( reference!!) (shoe images) . Variety( the children’s charity) is a donation charity of financial support for those when children and their families face in a hard situation and either they can’t afford it or government assistance isn’t available.There are variety support like wheelchairs, specialist equipment, therapy, and medical supplies

AUDIENCE (For whom you are designing)

PURPOSE ( What is the purpose of the Diary Cover Design?)

CONTEXT (Where will the Diary Design be used?)

CONSTRAINTS (What restrictions are there? - see detailed assessment guide)

PRODUCTS - investigate direct competition to the product or service, future trends, new materials and community attitudes (show pictures of charity and competitors promotional products)

INSPIRATION- Collect inspiration to inspire new concepts. Include images and explain how they might influence your design.

BRAINSTORMING - Include a diagram of your brainstorming for Diary Design ideas.

MOODBOARD- Collect imagery that shows the style and design elements/principles that you want to use in your diary design. Compile these images so they appear next to each other to communicate the general mood/feel that you want to achieve. Consider including graphic graphic styles, type/front, colours, textures, photography.

10 IDEAS IN 20 MINUTES - In class week five, you will be required to sketch up 10

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