Drawing out a Good Life Austin Gordon' trip to the Harn

An Unlikely Medium

Admiring the alluring blue center of Vessel

This piece caught my eye the moment I entered the exhibit. At the wrong angle, this sculpture could be dismissed as simply a hunk of stone in a glass container, however, when I found yourself staring into its enchanting blue center, I couldn't help but think of an beach cove, confined by stone on all sides. It gave me the important, yet subtle reminder that tranquility is essential when seeking the Good Life.

A Diverse Design

Appreciating the Latin American values of hard work in a rendition of daily routines in their agrarian societies

Something that really struck me about the Harn was its separation of exhibits based on the art's continent of origin. This multicultural arrangement of the art really allows the public to appreciate the differences in African, Asian, and Latin American art forms. Furthermore, the separation illustrated each culture's values they deem necessary to obtain their own version of The Good Life.

The Values of Art

Embracing the value of close family ties

This sculpture helped remind me the value of family is crucial to the functioning of societies across the globe. This Cuban piece of art's simple, direct message served as a reminder to honor my family in everything I do.

What is the Good Life: Art Edition

There is just something completely irresistible about skylines to me. This painting told me the story of how human ingenuity refused to stop pushing upwards. These towering skyscrapers remind us that humans keeping progressing no matter the obstacles. To me, this painting depicts themes of industry and hard work. In a personal sense, these themes give me a reason to keep trying my best day after day, so that someday I can be a part of that beautiful, living city depicted in this painting.

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