Ducking squad 2016-?

This is when Jackson got cake in his face at my birthday and it took him a while to get it all off.

Cake to the face

This was me and Cassidy's night out in February it was pretty crazy we had to ack like we were thirteen.

Here is what we saw

No matter what the ducks will never stop quacking.


The duckling squad will not last forever or maybe not even till summer. We are all going our separate ways in school and life so we might not be quacking forever. Well who quacks forever right.

The orillia basketball team got 4th in Ontario and carter is on that team. Wait to go boys!!

This is Jackson and I talking from 1 to 2 am it ends very funny.

And that is how the duckling squad came to be.


I hope you liked learning about us.

Sincerely- The Duckling Squad

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