Tour of the Harn The Harn museum was filled with diverse, thought provoking art that both stood apart, as they dealt with different themes, and stood together, as they showed different sides of the spectrum of the human experience.

Medium of the Art/Technique of the Artist

The artwork, "Old Man's Cloth", looked simultaneously real and abstract. The ripples in the work made it seem as if the metal was fabric, however the colors and the shiny coating made the piece look as if it were from a fantasy world. It is easy to see the abstract nature of this work, but seeing it in person helped me to see the ripples and realize how real the piece looked. I find it very impressive that the artist, El Anatsui, was able to make something so realistic from material that looks nothing like what he was depicting. The patchwork and the odd choice of material communicated a theme of dealing with struggle to me. It made me feel as if one must survive by any means necessary, doing whatever they can and using whatever they can find.

Design of the Museum

The exhibit containing Asian art was particularly appealing to me. The set up was beautiful, as many of the pieces just lay on the ground with railing around it. This was very interesting to me, as this was the first time I had seen this in a museum. Along with this, there was a garden outside that enhanced the east Asian art presented in this exhibit. The whole exhibit exuded a very serene and calming feeling. I enjoyed this exhibit a lot.

Art and Core Values

This piece, "Manhattan" by George Grosz, displays the vastness and grandiose of the opportunity presented in America to immigrants coming from across the world. It shows Manhattan as this endless sea of tall buildings and shows how truly amazing America seems to immigrants coming into this country. The artwork instills pride in me. As a 1st generation American, it gives me pride that our country is seen as a land of opportunity and can accept millions of people each year and give to them a hope of a better future. I also feel pride as a descendent of Indians who immigrated here, to see how successful my family has become after coming from another country. This piece helps me appreciate my background more along with the appreciation of the luxury of living in such an inclusive prosperous country.

Art and the Good Life

This photo shows thousands of people working in presumably a mine. It shows the struggle of the job, along with the crowdedness of the mine itself. This photo deals with seeking the good life. Thousands of these people that are working are seeking a better life through payment. They strive together to earn money, however working in a mine is most likely not any of their ideal jobs. Seeking the good life in the past meant to me finding what you love to do, however now I see it is ore than that. Seeking also involves surviving and earning money, in order to give yourself the time and comfort that money offers them, so they can seek out what they love to do.

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