Leading Ladies Set Design by TERRY CERMAK

  • Directed by by Russell Trez
  • Set Design By Terry Cermak
  • Costume Design by Eloise Petro
  • Lighting Design by Brian Riley
"The play, essentially, has one set, and the majority of the action takes place in the large, handsome living room of the biggest house in York, Pennsylvania in 1958. The room has French doors up right leading out to a garden. We can see the patio and shrubbery through the glass. Double doors down left lead to the vestibule, a hall and the front door...There is a grand staircase that leads, at the top, to a bedroom door and a landing which leads off left. Under the staircase, up center, is an open doorway that leads to additional rooms. As we’ll find out, all these rooms are interconnected off stage. It’s a grand house with a second staircase that we can’t see." - Playwrite Ken Ludwig

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