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Molly Pitcher

Molly Pitcher was a woman who became famous for her good deeds during the American Revolution. During a scorching day, Molly decided that she would give water to the soldiers during the war. She also fired a cannon once her husband, the one firing it, got shot. She risked her life that day so that the other soldiers had a better chance of surviving against the heat, not just the fight.

Molly Pitcher's home, which you can find in Monmouth Battlefield State Park.

Molly Pitcher was born in Trenton, New Jersey. She also grew up there, as well.

Molly Pitcher didn't actually attend school. When she got older, she married William Hays, and they had one son, Johanes Hays. Molly had a mother and father, John Georg Ludwick and Maria Margaretha Ludwick.

Molly Pitcher was married to William Hays, and followed him to the battlefield. During the heat of battle, William got shot, so Molly ran up to continue shooting the cannon.

After all of this, she met up with General George Washington himself, and earned the rank Sergeant.

Molly Pitcher's real name is Mary Ludwick. She got the name Molly Pitcher during the time when she was giving water to the soldiers. During the whole battle, all anyone was saying was, "Molly, pitcher!" and that's how she earned her name.

Most people with the name Mary back then easily got the nickname Molly.

Though it is still debatable on whether or not Molly Pitcher is real, the character has an intriguing story. For anymore extra information about Molly, go to the following websites:

Here is another informational video about Mary Ludwick.

Molly Pitcher was a very important person in America's history. I hope after this presentation there is more information to come of this subject. I hope you enjoyed!

Molly Pitcher

By Pheobe Sperry

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