Terra Prime By: Matthew Alkire and Drew Lerma

The purpose of Terra Prime will be to advance science and preserve nature.

Terra prime will be a Pangea about the size of the U.S. on a distant, earth-like planet far away from earth.

Five regions-plains, wetlands (marshes and islands), farms, mountains, and forest.

Religion-Freedom of religion, illegal to discriminate, allowed to build any place of worship and raise money for a cause.

We will be using the bartering system. People will be compensated in supplies and/or food.

Law enforcement will use armored suits. Military will use the same suits but as drones.

12 mandatory years of grade school. 6 mandatory years of college. College will be in the plains. Learning centers will be scattered around the other regions for further education.

Government- Legislate: 55 Commons and 20 Nobles. Head Noble.

Judicials-13 highest qualifying judges

Nature preserving: Jail for large scale or repeated destruction or pollution. Rehabilitation for smaller scale.

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