About theatre in Shakespeare's time ray bennefield

How many women actors did the company usually feature?

Back then only the men acted, there was no women featured.

Was Shakespeare an actor? What was the term used to refer to actors?

Yes he was an actor, Shakespeare acted in his own plays. They were actors.

How were the seating arrangements for the audience? How did one get a good seat?

They were very close together. Seats could not be reserved, so it was on a first come, first serve basis.

What type of people were Shakespeare’s plays performed for?

The very rich, upper middle class, and lower middle class watched the plays.

What would the audience do if they did not like a performance?

They would shout at them or throw things at them, like oranges or other food items.

What happened to the original Globe theater?

It burned to the ground when a canon was shot off during a performance.

Where did the timbers to build the second Globe come from?

They used timbers from an earlier theatre

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