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Born in May 31, 1819 , West Hills, NY. Died the 26 of March, 1819. Whitman has become one of the greatest poets of all time. In 1855 he self-published what later on would be one of the greatest book collection and known around the U.S. Leaves of Grass.Whitman was called "Bard of Democracy" for his love for democracy inspired by his parents. Whitman had to drop out of school by the age 11 and started working as an office boy in Brooklyn later on he found his way to the printing business. From there he moved back to New York and there he was in journalism and wrote articles. He started writing his own opinions and not his bosses so Whitman moved to New Orleans became editor of Crescent He then moved back to Brooklyn and started the Brooklyn Freeman where he was writing his thoughts and own opinions, that later on it would become "Leaves of Grass". Books that published nameless. Later on he met Peter Doyle a former veteran from the Civil War

Walt Whitman (left) and Peter Doyle (right)

Peter Doyle helped and nursed Walt Whitman during the time Walt was getting sick and not only that but he was extremely sad since Peter Doyle kept rejecting him. Later on Walt Whitman suffered from a stroke that left him partially paralyzed. He went to visit his mom in Camden, New Jersey. 3 days after she died. He continued with Leaves of Grass. Which brought him fortune and bought himself a house, his final years were agonizing his writings were bringing him recognition and fame but he was getting sicker and sicker every day. Walt Whitman Died in Camden on March 26, 1892. Whitman is now considered one of Americas great poets in history.


Walt Whitman is considered one of Americas most significant nineteenth century poets. He abandoned the regular meter and rhyme patterns. Critics and Readers didn't like his writing because they were too open about sex and portraying himself as a cocky person. He was not liked in the U.S. for his type of writing but England like him a lot and British writers were his best friends. Walt Whitman has written 42 poems in total and 1 article.

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