Canola. Sam HendriX

GMO Pros. Resistance to herbicides. Tolerance to heat, cold, and drought.

GMO Cons. We don't know the long term effects. There could be Problems if GMOs get into the wild. We don't know what allergies could be triggered by GMOs.

Canola is a oilseed that yields a valuable culinary oil.

Monsanto developed Roundup Ready Canola. This is Canola that is tolerant to glyphosate. This is an ingredient in RoundUp brand herbicides.

The gene cp4 epsps from a common soil bacterium Angrobaterium is included. A gene called gox is from Ochrobactrum anthropi and it encodes for the production of glyphosate oxidase.

Roundup Ready Canola was invented to protect the crop for herbicides.

I think GMOs aren't a good idea. This is for two major reasons. One, we don't yet know the long term effects of GMOs. Two, if GMOs get into the wild they could destroy ecosystems.


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