Underground Railroad By Kyle Yehling

How Many Paths Were There In The Underground Railroad. There were many different routes that slaves took as they traveled north to freedom. One route out of Maryland was that frequently used by Harriet Tubman. She led her groups, beginning on foot, up the Eastern Shore of Maryland and into Delaware. Several stations were in the vicinity of Wilmington, Delaware. From Delaware the group traveled on to Philadelphia or other places in southeastern Pennsylvania. From there, many traveled further north. Some settled in Massachusetts or New York. Many continued through New York state and on into Canada.

Who Was Involved In The Underground Railroad Many different kinds of people were involved in the Underground Railroad. There were black people and white people, men and women, people from "slave" states and people from "free" states. There were old people and young people. Everybody who worked with the Underground Railroad took a big risk. If they were caught, they risked a serious punishment, even death.

What Was The Underground Railroad The Underground Railroad was a secret network organized by people who helped men, women, and children escape from slavery to freedom. It operated before the Civil War (1861-1865) ended slavery in the United States.

How Created The Underground Railroad Harriet Tubman help created the underground railroad. Which helped more than 100,000 slaves escape to freedom. The escape network was not literally underground nor a railroad. It was figuratively "underground" in the sense of being an underground resistance.

Why Did Whites help African Americans Whites thought it was wrong that people were getting beat because of their color that's why they help slaves.

Where Did The Underground Railroad Go The Underground Railroad went north to freedom. Sometimes passengers stopped when they reached a free state such as Pennsylvania, New Jersey, or Ohio. After 1850, most escaping slaves traveled all the way to Canada. They had to go to Canada to make sure they would be safe.

How Many Slaves Used The Underground Railroad Over 100,000 slaves used the underground railroad.

What Was The Underground Railroad Used For The underground railroad was used to help run away of slaves navigate safely.

How Many Slaves Were Saved Because of The Underground Railroad Over 100,000 slaves were saved because of the underground railroad.

Where Did The Underground Railroad End The underground railroad ended in In Canada and New York


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