A few of our parent comments... March 2017

We are very happy. We had some concerns but the leadership have a handle on this and have supported us well during this time. We were thrilled at parents evening to hear about his learning and to see the quality of what does in school. We know his behaviour can be silly at times but the teachers are firm and we trust their systems to manage him well.

Our children are taught very well at this school. The school is always looking to improve and readily listening to ideas on how to do this. I spoke positively with a leader about a few ideas to improve something that I didn't think was working (not a negative slight on the school, it just wasn't in place) they have welcomed the collaboration and opportunity to develop parent partnerships, which just shows they are willing to grow and try new things for the betterment of the school and the children.

We feel our daughter is making tremendous progress. She says she is well supported in lessons to do her best and loves talking about her learning. We are proud of her books and love seeing what she produces in school.

A really hardworking team who do their best for the kids. Everyone is on the same page and it is led well from the top down. If we've had a concern, or a query, any one we've spoken to ....from class teacher, teaching assistant, office or leadership ...they have completely supported us or listened and helped us navigate our way through. We are very grateful for the nurture care we get and how our kids are shaped. Which is so important when you entrust your children to someone for hours of everyday. Keep it up team!

Very happy here. Thanks for all you do. We recommend the pines a lot. :)

We do love it here. The ethos is great and the leadership strong always listening to them and caring about their dreams!

We have been very happy here for years, under different heads. Each has brought something different but hey have championed these children and wanted the best for the school. We love that is growing and that the Pines family is expanding. The team seem really happy and the fact that many have been here for a long time says so much about the ethos and environment felt all the way through. The Pines has had its ups and downs with OFSTED but we have always felt that this is a wonderful place that keeps getting better and better. There are things we would change, as you would find in any school, but the team here are willing to listen and no school is perfect. What is outstanding anyway? Thank you for all you do and the effort you put it. You are all stars!

This school is well run and is very well organised with all activities and information dissemination.

We have been very impressed with the leadership and the vision for the school. The children speak so clearly about their learning and represent the school very well. Whenever we have been in school, or needed to walk through the building, the children have been nothing but exceptionally polite and well-spoken.

I am very happy with my child's education. The team here are wonderful and go above and beyond to help our children. The pastoral support is good and has supported me through difficult times, as well as nurturing my children.

The Pines is amazing. Our child has made so much progress while they have been here.

We are really happy here. There is a variety of clubs for them to take part in and they get a very full curriculum with wide opportunities. We love coming in to see what they do and see the learning on Twitter.

We love The Pines - the staff are enthusiastic and deliver great lessons and we would highly recommend the school to others.

We moved here from another school and so pleased with where we have ended up. The level of teaching and communication is higher and it feels like all staff are working towards the same vision.

We are delighted with the progress our daughter is making in Year 3 and the development she has shown in the previous years also.

We love the leadership. We think the Head is very diplomatic and has high ambitions for the school.

I was having lots of difficulties with my son at home. He was reluctant to come to school and would cause me lots of stress at home. Working with the teacher and adults he encounters, he is more enthusiastic and making better decisions about his learning and behaviour. Thank you for supporting me too.

My child is very happy and teachers seem very happy too. We love that staff have returned from maternity leave. That's always a good sign! We have amazing teaching assistants too, some of have been at The Pines for a long time!

My child loves school and I have seen their self esteem soar. Thank you for supporting her emotionally and giving her resilience.

My child is really nurtured. Great care for the wellbeing of the child as well as their success in their subjects.

My child has been very well supported, especially by the pastoral leaders, who are so knowledgeable and encouraging.

We love it here! The new head is amazing. She is very professional and really sense she is for every child, even those who others would see as more challenging for a multiple reasons. The children are challenged and given memorable learning opportunities. Whenever I have needed extra materials or support, the teachers have been on hand immediately to help. There is a real positivity and team spirit amongst staff.

We love our child's teachers and feel that there is a welcoming atmosphere in the school, from the from office to any adult you meet. We love seeing the leaders on the playground and the way they speak and greet the parents and every child. Staff are highly enthusiastic about the school and seems very motivated to take it on further.

Love all the curriculum and IT opportunities. I also love the digital leaders and their radio show, a great opportunity for the kids to learn technology and research. I love that I can listen to it online with my kids. Interview a parent or governor next?

Love the direction is going in. There is greater involvement for parents, expectations on learning, behaviour and conduct around school. We love the building culture of 'Team Pines' We also love the clear motto, which says it all in a nutshell. Our daughter loves school and looks forward to Mondays - as parents we couldn't be more thrilled. She is growing into a confident speaker and is learning tremendous life skills as well as core ideas.

My daughter is nearly all the way through The Pines. We have been very happy here for a long time. But we have noticed that the profile of the school has been significantly raised and the expectations of everyone has become higher. We love the leadership's no nonsense approach and enthusiasm for the school.

My child loves that the leaders also teach. We think its an excellent example and love the learning that takes place here.

Delighted with her progress this term. Going to school was a very anxious time for my wife and I. She is blossoming and doing so well. Thank you to all her teachers and the Head for making is so easy and enjoyable.

Think your teachers and leaders are fab. Very welcoming and responsive.

Outstanding learning opportunities for my daughter. She is so excited to tell me about the learning she has been doing in and out of the classroom, with equipment, with ipads, with visiting other classes. Thank you for keeping my daughter engaged in learning. She was always a little complacent but she is now competitive, in a healthy way, and has a drive to succeed and do better.

We asked for more guidance with Home Learning and we received it straight away. Our children are very happy and we can see daily how they are developing. There is a clear vision and direction for the school, trying to make it stronger than it was before. We love this and wish to congratulate the whole team on their efforts.

The breakdown of our childs learning was given at parents evening, at the welcome meetings (which we loved) and is on the website. So helpful. This was never given out in previous years.

The materials on website for parents to support at home is excellent. I use these all the time.

Very happy with the school!

The teachers work very hard and the pay off is my child loves coming to school. Even though she had some difficulties with another child, who was teasing her, this ended after some thorough investigation by the class teacher and Deputy. Even during this time, she wanted to come to school. Thank you.

Love the way the school nurtures my whole child. The level of special needs support for me and my family is outstanding.

The behaviour outline is very strong and encourages my child to make smart choices. I don't think any school is bully free. The Pines seems to educate on it well. Kindness week in particular was very effective in thinking about relationships positively. We took part as a whole family.

All of our children have done well here. No matter the leadership, or changes in teachers, there is something very special about this school.

Our children are thriving.

We love the leadership, who are very visible on the playground and our warm and approachable. We were not happy about something and the leaders were very helpful. We have phoned a few times and got responses within the day that were very helpful. Love the website and twitter. They are so useful. Thanks for everything.

Our child's behaviour was inappropriate towards others, something we had not seen out of school. We worked with school to change this. We felt very embarrassed and responsible for the hurt our child was causing. The school did not right him off, they helped to sanction him AND educate him on compassion and kindness. Thank you to all the teachers who helped to develop him and not label him indefinitely as a bully.

We love the new headteacher. We think she brings a level of professionalism and standard that was missing before. This local school is in a tough area and this school is focusing on being smart. Our child comes home with dreams and ideas about their future. They are taking pride in their appearance, which they grumbled about in the beginning but we think now is something they can see the value in.

My child and I moved from another school a few years ago and I am delighted with how they are developing. The leadership team are very present and are working hard to develop the school to be even better. I think their vision is excellent and raises the status of this local school. The behaviour policy is excellent and tackles bad behaviour swiftly. I didn't always feel this way. I love the numerous opportunities for our children to engage in exciting learning, whether that it through their classes, with trips or the many visitors that come into school. My child's class teachers have always been highly approachable and helpful. When my child was having some problems with another child in the class, they went above and beyond to support them. I know my child is safe and cared for, as well as being educated to a high standard. Overall, very happy indeed. Thank you for everyone for your hard work and effort. Schools are never thanked enough.

The staff and leadership are very professional and extremely motivated which shows with her interaction with pupils and parents on a daily basis. In addition our child's class teachers and teaching assistants have been very supportive, informative and encouraging to both myself and my son. Nothing is ever too much trouble for them all and have made our first experience of school life easy and enjoyable. Thank you to all.

The school work hard to keep me informed and communication is significantly better than it used to be. I enjoy coming in to see my child's learning and see their plays. I think the school celebrates the children's successes well and their individual talents. Whenever I've had concerns, the school has addressed them and supported both my family and my child. No school is perfect but I am very glad I chose to be with this one. Team Pines!

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