hedgehogs by:Alexis

A hedgehog is a mammal. It has 92 color varieties and are white bellied. Most hedgehogs are 6-8 inches tall and the weight of it is up to 2 pounds. Hedgehogs can suffer from the same conditions like cancer, fatty liver disease, and cardiovascular disease. Some family members of a hedgehog a indian hedgehog, sonic hedgehog, and a porcupine.

A hedgehog is a omnivore, that means it eats both meat and plants. Wild hedgehogs eats leaves, ants, grass, and fruit. The food web for a hedgehog is a hedgehog eats fruits, vegetables, and insects. Foxes, hawks, and ferrets eat a hedgehog.

A hedgehog lives in Europe, Asia, and Africa. A hedgehogs conditions to survive are living in a hole or under a tree and some live on their own and some do not.

A hedgehog can dig a hole quick to keep it safe from predators and it has quills and some can camouflage. A hedgehogs enemies are birds (especially owls), ferrets, foxes, wolves and mongoose. Hedgehogs protect itself by using its quills to make shield and it can roll into a ball and roll to a safe spot.

Some interesting facts about a hedgehog. Hedgehogs are called an array. They are illegal to have in Maine, Arizona, California, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Hawaii. There are not any native American species of hedgehogs. Hedgehogs have 7000 quills and some hibernate but not all of them.


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