Minimum Wage by: kalob calento

The sub minimum wage has been an issue for some time now. This refers to the disabled community and how much they will get paid when working at a job. Over the years, when the minimum wage for every citizen in the United States has increased to around $10, it has only increased to $4.25 for disabled workers . The amount is really low compared to regular minimum wage, and there is no plans to increase it.

The audience I will be focusing on is managers of businesses. The main purpose of a business is to make money. The money is what runs the company and if they do not make as much money as they plan too, than their business will get shut down. This is the target because they are the people who hire people for their business, so they make the decision if a disabled worker will work for them. Since it is the law to pay them at least $4.25, businesses will pay them this amount of money and will never increase it. They see a disabled worker as someone who produces less than someone who is “abled”. The managers at the businesses do not take emotions into consideration when it comes to hiring employees because their main focus is just on money. This does make sense but in a human standpoint, it is not right because underneath all of our skin, we are the same. The managers will always have a different mentality since in order to keep their business flourishing. They will also be bias because of this because they have to focus on the profit. This is very bad because people with a disability have to have a living too. It is unfair that someone has to live in poverty because of how our system is set up in this economy. Everyone should want to work because it is what makes them a living. If you work 40 hours a week, to only make enough just to pay your apartment’s rent, not even groceries, then why would you want to work?

It is sad to think that our world is controlled by money. It is what runs everything that we own or love. When someone can not make that money in order to live, their life is that much harder. A manager sees a person and all he / she will think about is how productive this person. They never take into account the emotional stress money has on someone. If managers could see this, they could not put in a request form for certificates to allow to pay people with disabilities the sub minimum wage. If they saw what people with disabilities go through, it would be a different story.


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