Understanding Others Development Theories

Teenage girl (sophomore) - daughter of a single, working mother -Amelia—so smart and successful and always so supremely responsible - father unknown - lives in wealthy neighborhood - attends prep school - only one good, true friend - close relationship with mother - athlete - often alone due to mother working late nights - is bullied by a secret club (bullying is unknown to most people) - falling for a girl but relationship is a secret - wants to fit in club due to girl she likes - had a nanny but nanny was let go because Amelia was in high school

What connections can we make between Amelia and development theorists based on what we currently know?


Amelia has her physical needs met as far as we know based on the information provided. She is struggling with the safety and love/belonging. She begins feeling unsafe emotionally and physically after her secret club turns on her and begins harassing her. She wants to fit with her old friend, new relationship, and club but it causes conflict between all of them.


Due to Amelia's age, she would fall in the Identity vs. Role Confusion stage according to Erikson. She is trying to figure out who she is and what she believes in. She thought she knew herself and what she would do in certain situations until she was invited to join a secret club. This new role brings confusion to her about her roles and who she really is. According to Erikson, her struggle with her identity could lead to a "weak sense of self". She appeared to fair well in previous stages, despite growing up in a single parent home. Her mother loved her and they had a good relationship. She was intelligent and athletic. She was also used to being industrious as her mother worked late nights.


Amelia begins wondering who her father is that may impact her "establishing emotional independence from parents". She is also struggling with her dating relationships and how she feels about boys/girls. ETC. ETC. ETC. ETC. ETC.

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