Photography Club Members Share February Photos

During the month of February, Photography Club members submitted photos based on the theme: the color red. Displayed below are their best photos and reflections.

(Photo/ Sophia David)
"In this photo I hoped to capture a clear shot of the moon. It was almost a full moon and it was a clear night as well, which worked perfectly for my photo." - Sophia David
(Photo on left/ Amy Gordon) (Photo on right/ Katelyn Evans)
"I tried to capture the pattern of the rug and the contrast between the rug and the instrument." - Amy Gordon
(Photo on left/ Katelyn Evans) (Photo on right/ Jacob Talbot)
"I hoped to capture the dramatic warm colors of red to convey a point of heat and intensity." - Jacob Talbot
(Photo above/ Alex Shnaider) (Background photo/ Breanna Hughes)
"I hoped to capture the essence and nature beauty of the world around us. Flying 40,000 feet in the air ignites a flame of true wonder." - Alex Shnaider
"I hoped to capture the beauty of the raindrops on the petals of the flower." - Breanna Hughes
(Photo/ Mahoney Cyr)
"I was going to Florida for a school trip and took a picture out of the window. I tried to make the red filter not too overpowering so you can still see the details in the clouds." - Mahoney Cyr

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