Kauai, Hawaii By: Aidan Knight

To get there, you have to fly. Prices for tickets from Columbus Ohio to Kauai Hawaii are About $1,100.

Some things you will want to take.

Swim shorts. There are lots of little lakes and ponds, and the ocean. Lots of extra dry clothes. it gets pretty wet here. Rock wall gear. Lots of mountains. Camera. Very pretty island. lots of cool wildlife on the island as well.

Sunscreen and beach supplies. There are a lot of beaches here so these are a must have.

You will want to rent a car here so you can drive to the mountains.

Good shoes.

You will want to stay in a hotel. i would recommend the Marriot. it is the best hotel to go to

Some animals you will see include

Parrots. Very pretty birds found all over the island

Seals. Asleep most of the time. found on most beaches on the island

A ton of wild chickens everywhere. cannot go anywhere on the island without seeing one.

Small lizards and snakes. mostly in the forest.

Very many turtles. especially found on this one cliff that you can jump off, called turtle cave.

Some activities are:

Snorekling. very pretty fish around the isladn

Fishing. if you enjoy sport fishing, there are very many big fish to catch.

Hiking/ exploring. Tons of things to find and see for yourself.

Relaxing at the beach.

I would not recommend to go here if you are any of the following:

Pregnant, Elderly, Injured, Or have a health problem. The reason i would not recommend this place to these people is because almost all the activities to do on the island are outside and require physical activity.

Some food to try if you are are:

Any seafood with steak. Fresh seafood of all kinds. The best restaruant to go to get this is called TidePools. it is on the south side of the island. It has a 4.5 out of 5 rating. the average meal costs about $30.

Chocolate covered macadamia nuts. An island special.

Boar from a famous traditional hawaii loual. Most famous thing on the island. A must try meal while there.

The End


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