Soccer Team Presentation Taylor herren 4th

The soccer team, San Jose Earthquake, wasn't originally named that way. They started out as the San Jose Clash, and were founded 1974. The founder and beginner of the club was, Peter Bridgwater and he became the president and the manager for the team on August 1st, 1995. The San Jose Earthquakes may have not had the most championship trophies won... BUT they do have two championship trophies from the MLS cup title from 2001 and 2003. The hard working team is from San Jose, California.

The most important position in soccer is the midfielder. This player will have the ball mostly and have to run the most. He/She is like the point guard in basketball or the quarter back in football (like the captain of the team). An iconic name for the San Jose Earthquakes is Fatai Alashe "27". He is one of the midfielder's on the team. He has played a total of 56 games and has started 54 of those games. Out of all of the hard playing games he has been in, he has scored an outstanding total amount of 38 points. Other midfielders on the team are... Cordell Cato "7," Darwin Ceren "17," Simon Dawkins "49,"... and many more.

One of the least important players is a defender for the San Jose Earthquakes, Florian Jungwirth "23." He has been to many games, but has only assisted in maybe 9 games. He has made two goals and the rest of the games he is at but doesn't play, he just makes appearances for them. There is not a lot of imformatiovnabout him from the fact that he hasn't really played in a lot of games. There is no record to keep up with.

The San Jose Earthquakes head coach is Dominic Kenner, 49. He is a former player for multiple teams such as the San jose Hawks, San Jose Clash and many others. In his soccer playing years he didn't only play for the United States; He also played for Mexico teams. He is a hard working coaching trying to bring his team closer together. He has been coaching the Earthquakes since 2001 and lead them to the MLS cup in 2001 and 2003.

This is the logo for the San Jose Earthquakes. This was the after, more modern, logo that they had remade. Putting the date on which the Earthquakes were found. The shield has a large part to represent the tradition of soccer, and the three longer sides of the shape represent the three largest bay areas; San Jose, San Fransisco, and Oakland. Wondering why they put Quakes instead of Earthquakes? Well, If you are apart of their community you would usually just call them Quakes: Demonstrating the strength in their team. The blue pattern on the right side of the soccer ball represents a similar effect of an earthquake. Where the tectonic plates start to move and they are off balance. The soccer ball is to embrace their feelings and dedication towards soccer.The "Axis," is holding the soccer ball (The globe) just like the Earth spinning on its axis. Showing everybody that they are headed for a limitless future.

The jerseys have the same pattern the their logo had on it. Representing the tectonic plates and how they are causing an earthquake.

Their current record of 2016, since they have not played yet for 2017 is winning a total of 8 games out of 34. They had scored a total of 38 points all year long, and were ranked at number nine for the Western Conference.

Every game the sections that will be cheering the whole game is 117 and 118. One Song is called SINCE I WAS BORN, "Since I was born, I had a dream, To be there every game, representing for my team. Oh San Jose, Oh San Jose, Oh San Jose, Oh San Jose, Oh San Jose! When I grew up, my dream came true. I’m a San Jose Ultra, and my heart is black and blue! Oh San Jose, Oh San Jose, Oh San Jose, Oh San Jose, Oh San Jose." Another chant/song they yell is... "I have the heart of an Ultra. The Blue and the Black in my veins! And I will forever support you. I’m Quakes for the rest of my days!" They have many more.

They have a stadium that has 18,000 seats. One of their players, Animal Godoy, "Has appeared in 14 FIFA World Cup qualification matches." The stadium that they had built went $40 million dollars over what they had originally planed to be at. Coming to a total of $100 million.

The San Jose Earthquakes mascot name is "Q"


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