Positive Africa By; Sami D'Agositno


Trees for the Future

Trees for the Future plants trees in Africa and elsewhere through self-help reforestation and environmentally sustainable development projects. Provides technical training, planning, and tree seedlings to local groups.

People in developing countries can live on severely damaged land. These land conditions directly affect their living standards: it is very difficult to grow food, collect firewood, or make a living off the land. This damaged land also contributes to global warming — when trees are gone, they can no longer remove the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This Organization helps Africa on the road to becoming an all green country. They counter all the damage that China is doing to the environment. China is admitting so much greenhouse gasses and other pollution into the air and it is causing changes in the climate. China is trying to reduce their impact on the earth, China could partner with Trees for the Future to help with that process.


YYTZ Argo-Processing

YYTZ is a company started by Fahad Awadh in Tanzanian. It is committed to bring international standards and traceability to the cashew nuts. This company has brough many jobs to his community and boosted the income of framers in the region.

The Process

This company is providing safe and clean working environments for its workers and good wages to their farmers. This can be hard for an up and coming company especial in a impoverished country. The harvesting of chocolate on the Ivory Coast is harsh and causing more harm for the people of the communities, all in order for us to be able to buy cheeper chocolate products. This company is making an effort to be credible and traceable for their product, and that is remarkable.


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