Cell Membrane Kiara & Samantha

The cell membrane is found in both plant and animal cells.
  • The Cell Membrane is found in both plant and animal cells. It's the outermost layer in the animal cell and is found just inside the cell wall in the plant cell.
  • During the cell division, the cell membrane fold and pinches off to create two new cells, each surrounded by part of the same original membrane.
  • The cell membrane is the only way that materials can enter or leave the cell.
  • The cell membrane is composed of fat molecules with hydrophobic tails, meaning that they are repelled by water, and hydrophobic heads, meaning they are attracted by water. This is called Phospholipid Bilayer.
Phospholipid Bilayer
  • Membranes are made of a fluid double layer of lipid with proteins scattered around in it.
  • Substances within the membrane are free to move around within the membrane and change position with it.
BCIT Westampton
  • An example of a cell membrane at BCIT is a door. You can control when you come in and out,you can also decide which one of your friends are allowed in and out.


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