Simple Ville There is Peace. There is love.

This is Simple Ville's Flag

We have created a land of Peace and Love.


- No Crimes Allowed

- Have to go to school

- Nothing is exspensive

- Everyone should be happy

- Things are fair

- Everyone gets a chance at what they want

- No Dictatorships

- No foul music/ language

- You must exercise

- Everyone gets a Job


Utah. We are in Utah because there is Sun and Snow and it is Safe.

Daily Schedule:




Hang out



We are a Democracy so that way things are fair.

Are you tired of being scared in your community. Well then Simple Vile is the place for you. Here in Simple Vile things are safe, fair, and totally fun. You can come here and have the best life ever. No really. This will be so good you will never want to leave.


Created with images by KitaLewen - "cathedral spain church"

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