Revolutions in Technology by: Ethan Koepke

Past: The Industrial RevolutioN


When England discovered better farming methods to produce more crops, people were healthier and lived longer, causing a population explosion. This meant there were more laborers and a higher demand for goods. Due to the healthy economy of England at this time, rich people had capital to invest in businesses and new inventions. These inventions were the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

Technological Developments

The Industrial Revolution produced advancements in farming methods, the textile industry and power sources. Machines like seed drills planted seeds in perfect rows to farm more efficiently, and the Spinning Jenny spun cotton into thread to speed up the process ouf making textile cloths. The steam engine also improved methods of transportation so that goods were delivered faster.

Pros and Cons

Positive Impacts: People were healthier, the economy prospered and production was faster.

Negative Impacts: Working conditions were unregulated and dangerous, the cities were overcrowded, and the air became polluted.

"On a per capita basis, Britain is responsible for more of the carbon dioxide now in the atmosphere than any other nation on Earth because it has been burning it from the dawn of the Industrial Revolution." James Hansen

Present: dIgital revolution


Although there are many debates over what officially started the digital revolution, it is agreed that the invention of various communication devices sparked the beginning of it. These inventions started out as mainly work or academics related but with the release of each new one, demand for a similar device for personal use arose.

Technological Developments

The Digital Revolution produced vast improvements in the way people communicate and find information. Inventions such as the mobile phones allow people to talk over long distances, GPS allows users to navigate their way through the world, and the internet gives people fast access to information that normally one would have to search for in a library. Social media also keeps people from all around the world connected and updated on current events.

"Sharing is good, and with digital technology, sharing is easy." Richard Stallman

Pros and Cons

Positive Effects: Communication is faster, there is deeper access to information and people are exposed to the world's current events.

Negative Effects: People have less patience and a shorter attention span due to overstimulation from electronics, and some devices like phones carry radiation that can cause cancer.

Future: the Green energy Revolution


"The future is green energy, sustainability, renewable energy." Arnold Schwarzenegger

Since the Industrial Revolution, humans have been over-using the Earth's natural resources, such as coal and oil, for energy. This use of resources has been harmful to the earth, causing polluted air and water. This is why the next Revolution will be the Renewable Energy revolution, where humans will change the way machines are powered and attempt to undo the damage that the Industrial Revolution has brought upon us.

Technological Developments

The Renewable Energy Revolution uses resources like the sun, wind, and water to generate power. Machines like wind turbines, hydroelectric dams, and solar panels efficiently use these renewable resources to power factories and homes.

Pros and Cons

Positive Effects: This form of energy is environment friendly, never runs out, and can create more jobs.

Negative Effects: Renewable Energy is expensive, highly depends on the weather, and may be not available everywhere.


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