Maths Recovery Curriculum WCPS

teaching and whole school strategies

At WCPS, we continue to endeavour to teach Maths so children are taught to apply their knowledge and skills to a range of practical, real life contexts, to ensure their learning is both purposeful and meaningful. Skills are linked and taught together to maximise teaching and learning time to give context to learning.

Our teaching is based on the recommended maths curriculum, which has been personalised to meet the needs of our learners. 'Maths Year on a Page' has been developed for each individual year group to ensure pace and progression across school. Sitting behind these are our 'Curriculum Guides', which aim to support key subject knowledge, address common misconceptions as well as make links with other maths concepts to support an integrated approach..

At WCPS, our approach to the teaching of mathematics is underpinned by 7 key principles: Coherence, Variation, Representation and Structure, Fluency, Mathematical Thinking, Making Connections and Mathematical Language. This is influenced by the NCTEM and work with our local Maths Hub.

Our teaching of mathematics will continue to use the accelerated learning cycle, while the use of ‘Raise the Roof' progressive tasks will support mathematical thinking, depth and challenge within lessons, while promoting pupils to take responsibility for their learning

Daily maths meetings which focus on core basic skills of number and place value, alongside regular opportunities to practice times tables will also continue to take place in addition to the daily maths lesson to support mathematical fluency.

Supporting Great Teaching

Supporting teachers pedagogy of the teaching of Maths around recovery, our Maths team have accessed specialist training and engaged with the recently published Mathematics Guidance to chart a way forward, using a ‘retrieval practice’ approach to support pupils ‘remember’ their prior learning and ‘show’ their understanding. This has been facilitated to all school staff as part of INSET CPD.

“Retrieval Practice is a learning strategy where we focus on getting information out. Through the act of retrieval, or calling information to mind, our memory for that information is strengthened and forgetting is less likely to occur. Retrieval Practice is a powerful tool for improving learning. "

Retrieval practice is proven to significantly improve learning by switching attention to ‘getting knowledge out’ as opposed to ‘in’ by facilitating retrieval and recalling of prior learning. This is facilitated in a non-threatening way.

Following research and the DFE guidance, WCPS has taken the decision not to carry out baseline summative assessments when pupils return. The new Mathematics Guidance will act as a tool to support pupils pick up where they left off while continue to access an age appropriate curriculum as follows:-

To develop staff pegadogy, School CPD has also explored the effective use of manipulatives to support mathematical conceptual understanding to support rapid progress.

In addition, where appropriate, additional opportunities to use and apply learned mathematical skills will also be built into the wider curriculum areas, supporting a cross curricular approach.

Pupil assessment and feedback

Teachers will use a range of assessment for learning strategies, from effective questioning; high quality marking and feedback alongside supported by the Ready to Progress formative resources to monitor progress while identify gaps and misconceptions in learning.

Targeted support

Gaps and misconceptions and misconceptions will be addressed in small group flexible intervention, where possible on the same day. New timetables give all year groups daily ‘booster’ intervention sessions. These will be delivered by the class teacher or appropriately qualified TA.

small group tuition

Year 6 children have been targeted to carry out small group tuition sessions from week 3 of the new term. If and when appropriate other year groups may decide to run boosters for identified groups of children.

Supporting parents and Carers

Supporting our co-productive approach to working with parents, an early parents evening has been set to share information around learning and progress.


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