AND,OR,NOT by jack colman

AND - a AND statement means that both statements made must be true e.g. if 3>2 AND Bob == "bob" then the this won't work because the statement bob is not true due to having no capital letter.

OR - OR means that either or both statements must be true so that statement in the AND definition will be true because 3 is bigger than two but bob is not equal to Bob but it will still become true.

NOT - NOT means that if a statement is true then it is false but if it is false then it will be a true outcome for example if not 3 > 2. NOT basically changes/swaps the values.

a truth table is where you have an input or mulittle inputs and you see what inputs are true and what are false e.g. a and input that has on true and one false will be false, a OR statement will have on true one false and will be true and finally the NOT statement will switch the input from either false to true or true to false.

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