Ways of Seeing Postcard images

Assessment Task No 3

  • Task issued: Week 1 Term 2 2018
  • Task due: Week 9 Term 2 2018

On the completion of this module you will be assessed on your ability to address syllabus outcomes; M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, CH1, CH2, CH3.

The purpose of this task is to;

  • Introduce students to the practice of analog photography
  • Introduce students to related darkroom and camera technique
  • Further develop student ability to recognise and apply design principles in the making of photographic works.
  • Provide students with the opportunity to create analog black and white images using 35mm SLR cameras.
  • Expand student understanding and application of related camera and darkroom theory.
  • Strengthen student WH&S practices.



Produce and curate a series of back and white images that demonstrate your understanding of the Elements (visual content) and Principles (organising structures) of design as they relate to analog photographic practice.

Relevant elements of design are; line, tone. size, texture and direction

Principles of design are; Balance, repetition, harmony, dominance, unity and contrast.

Using the architectural shapes, forms and spaces around the college combined with visual elements from organic forms (including people) produce a series of postcard sized images that articulate your personal responses to the environment of the college.

Ensure that;

  1. Your understanding of the relationships between aperture, shutter speed and ISO are evident in the production of well exposed negatives.
  2. Your images demonstrate a working understanding of the relationship between DOF and aperture.
  3. Your images are well focused; unless the intent is otherwise and stated in your folio.
Consider the use of a range of angles of view, selective focus and compositional devices such as 'rule of thirds' etc to produce visually interesting images.


The Darkroom - Film and Print processing

Submission and guidelines

A minimum of 6 black and white prints no larger than postcard size (3x5 or 4x6) are to be submitted in your folio.

You are also to include in your folio:

  1. Examples of test prints / strips,
  2. Your 35mm negatives in protective sleeves,
  3. Proof sheet.

Your submission should evidence the following;

  • Considered composition
  • Sound development and printing of the negatives
  • Considered presentation, editing & layout in your folio.

A Collection of Photographic Images – Elements & Principles of design:

You are to collect a selection of photographic images from a range of sources, including the work of photographers, which illustrate photographs whose composition/design aspect can be interpreted as elements & principles of design.

One example should be presented for each of the following:

Principles of Design

  • Balance, proportion, dominance, emphasis, radiation, rhythm, movement, contrast, harmony, repetition & unity.

Elements of Design:

Line, direction, colour, tone, texture, shape, form, size

These images are to be presented in your folio; correctly labelled and / or submitted to your Google Classroom in an appropriate format.


Gary Poulton

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