Yarn Bombing Jefferson Elementary Community Art

Step 1: Experiment with different patterns before deciding on your final plan.
Step 2: Start with the yarn color nearest the center of your design. Wrap the yarn around a stick (about 40 times to get started) to create a smaller spool of yarn.
Step 3: Tie the loose end of string to the fence. Following your pattern, pass the stick through the fence to your partner.
Step 3: Continue passing the yarn back and forth between the fence until you have filled your first section with yarn. Either tie the end to the fence or tuck it between the two walls of yarn.
Step 4: Continue this process until your pattern is complete.
You can weave over multiple sections at a time.
In some parts of your design, you will have to push yarn to the side to make room for your spool of yarn to pass through the fence. Just be sure to spread the yarn back out when you are finished.
In other places, you may find that your yarn has to share part of the fence.
Step 5: Stand back and admire your hard work!

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