Ocean Pollution & You

Ocean pollution comes in many different forms with the main two being oil spillage and the water serving as a garbage dump for many countries.

This photo here pictures a sea turtle who has been covered by oil from a spill. These spills are detrimental to aquatic life.

Many countries have no laws regulating the disposal of garbage or the dumps are simply too full and they resort to throwing their trash into the ocean. A simple fix? Not quite.

This trash can be mistaken for food by sea creatures and they can be permanently harmed by a split second decision by a human.

Here are pictures of a healthy and beautiful coral reef.

Pollution also harms coral reefs: a vital ecosystem in our oceans. The sediments from land produce too much nutrients in the water which encourages algal growth that eventually smothers the corals.

Here are photos of dead corals.

Coral serves as a vital part of the aquatic ecosystem and many fish rely on coral for protection and food.

People have made memes to add humor to the subject and draw attention. It is important to note that there is nothing truly funny about water pollution and it should be treated with immense seriousness.


Created with images by elisaboba - "sailing boat" • NOAA's National Ocean Service - "Oiled Turtle" • MikeBird - "rubbish seaside beach" • Kevin Krejci - "Plastic Ocean" • Pexels - "water corals underwater" • NOAA Photo Library - "reef0512" • axistravel - "diving ocean coral" • NOAA Photo Library - "reef1253" • visavietnam - "fish aquarium sea" • prilfish - "Dying Corals" • prilfish - "Dead Corals" • Derek Keats - "Coral hind cruising past a mostly dead gorgonian." • prilfish - "Dead Coral covered with it's murderer" • Derek Keats - "Colonial tunicate growing over coralline alga at Elphinstone Reef, Red Sea, Egypt #SCUBA."

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