Spring Break in 12 Photos By jonathan Banaynal

Block 5: Photography Class – May 31 to April 8, 2017

– Above: The theme was 'nature'. I did this next to my house since we had plenty of plants in our garden. I focused on the rule of thirds with macro by placing the subject (pink flower) to the top right.

– Above: The theme was 'silhouette'. My family went out around the city, and I took this near Souq Waqif. Not only did I noticed how focusing on the sun left the rest of picture dark, I wanted to add the trees as vertical lines while the sun is the subject to represent growth of the city. This gave a good comparison of light and dark.

– Left: I did a lot of art during the break, and I decided to take a photo of the theme 'colors' using my pencils. I shot a down low perspective with the word "color" as the subject at the bottom right. – Right: I took this photo out on the backyard, using my dad's guitar. The theme was 'music'. Filling the frame roughly 75% of the subject, I shot at a straight down perspective.

– Above: My family often went out to the mall for fun together. I took this when we ate at the fast food restaurant Shake Shack, using it as the theme 'food'. I made sure to use focal lock onto the burger to capture it's detail, and filled the subject 100% of the frame.

– Above: The theme here was 'culture'. I took this photo in Corniche where I saw several arabic boats and a brilliant view of the city. I kept the buildings as the background on the horizon, while the boat as the subject in the mid-ground. I feel this photo could've been better, since it was awfully windy and dusty that day.

– This photo had the theme 'peace'. Also on the Corniche, I saw a man fishing on the side of the water, and it looked like a perfect subject. I had to be aware of my positioning, making sure the fisherman had good space in front of him.

– Left: I saw this maze-like fountain filled wth changing lights, great for the theme 'reflections'. Using the water spilled by it, you can see how it reacts with the hues of the photo and it's subject (the walking man). – Right: Out in the city, the buildings would be filled with brilliant lights and colors at dark. It looked beautiful, even better when using a mode that can contrast the shades. I also added some grass closer to the camera blurred out slightly to show depth.
– Farthest Above: One day my family and I celebrated the Qatar Food Festival, this had the theme 'architecture'. The Doha Sheraton Hotel as it's subject, all the food shacks laid below. I was testing out my camera, and I found a way to blur out the entire lower third of the frame, keeping the building in focus. – Above: I also took this photo there too, showing the theme 'family' in this photo. I had my family posed to the top left from the rule of thirds. We had plenty of fun here, tasting all the foreign dishes like Mexican and Japanese.

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