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This is about his childhood and early life

E.E. Cummings was born on 14 October, 1894, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His father was a professor at Harvard University and later a minister, his mother was a loving woman, and he only had one sister. Since his childhood he always wanted to be a poet. He studied at Harvard University from where he earned both a BA and an MA. After that he volunteered for ambulance corps to serve in World War I. Cummings later on was kept in a French detention camp for 3 months because of the letters he was sending home he publicly expressed his anti-war views. In 1919 Cummings decided to leave the Army, and went to his wife Elaine Thayer. They had their first kid in early December of 1919 later on they got married and soon got divorced. Two months after their wedding, Elaine left for Europe to settle her late sister’s estate. She met another man during the Atlantic crossing and fell in love with him. She divorced Cummings in 1925. Cummings wrote a lot of poetry he poured his heart out to everyone and many people could relate to his poetry

E.E. Cummings

Description of the poetry

Cummings first public poems appeared in an anthology named "Eight Harvard Poets' in 1917. During the 1920's , seven of his poems were published in 'The Dial'. He became known mainly for his unconventional poem that played with form, well spacing, and also very well grammar. Cummings is very good at writing love poems and religious poems. He talks about his relationship with Elaine Thayer. Cummings was ranked among the best love poet of his time. Many of his poems brought joy but some of the poetry he wrote was sad.

E.E. Cummings with his father and sister


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