Technology Accelerators good to great: chapter 7

Crawl, Walk, Run, the Internet, & the dot-com frenzy

Negative press & 40% stock decrease

After much research, introduced - The stock price doubled

The Question

Technology change isn't new - great companies adapt

Not: "What is the role of technology?"

Instead: "How do good-to-great organizations think differently about technology?"

Careful Selection

Good-to-great companies do have technological sophistication.

Not about the technology itself

About the pioneering application of carefully selected technology

Momentum Accelerator - Not Creator

80% of good-to-great executives did not mention technology as a main factor in the transition

The right technology can accelerate but not create momentum

Right technologies are only those that link directly to the 3 circles of the Hedgehog Concept.

Fear of Falling Behind

Technology alone never causes greatness or decline

Good-to-great executives react rationally not from fear because of an inner drive for greatness

Thank You


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