Wave Energy Why and how?

Why wave energy and how does it work?

Wave energy is going to be efficient because we live near the coast and rivers. It may take a fair amount of money to start but afterwards there is little maintenance which means that we would not need to risk our lives to fix it very often. Seeing as the apocalypse is upon us, we can rob everything we need... So that solves the expenditure issue. Since we have powerful currents in rivers an on the coast, so here is potential for lots of wave energy farms to be set up to produce large masses of energy. There has already been a few built off the coast of Brighton so we could harness that power too.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The advantages is that they don't require much maintenance and have potential for high yield of energy

Disadvantages are that they cost a lot of money and can be hard to access as they are out at sea.


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