Adobe Spark An Experiment in Content Creation

What is Adobe Spark?

Adobe Spark is "a one-stop content shop for creating and sharing visual stories" Source. Using the three different applications - Spark Post, Spark Page, and Spark Video - creators have a variety of options for the type of content to create. One benefit of the Spark platform is that content created on Spark is easily integrated with other Adobe platforms, such as Photoshop. The ease of the platform makes it a great resource for those not familiar with the intricacies of graphics design. However because the platform is crafted with those creators in mind, there are fewer freedoms for customizing fonts, prepared graphics, and more.

To explore the creation capabilities of Adobe Spark, I created several graphics for a local organization I work with, the Resilient Families Project. The Resilient Families Project is a collaborative effort between the University of Louisville's Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences and Louisville's Wayside Christian Mission. The weekly programs are held every Thursday evening and are hosted in Hotel Louisville downtown. A small team from the Resilient Families Project is traveling to Flint, Michigan for the Triumph over Trauma Resilient Summit in mid-March, and the graphics I put together were used to 1) create an online presence for the Resilient Families Project team and 2) promote the team's travel adventures in Flint!

Although Adobe Spark reaches primarily a young audience - mostly college students and young professionals who are attracted to graphics - the target audience of the Resilient Families Project is somewhat older. Most of our volunteers are college students, but our social media platforms (especially Facebook) reaches the broader nonprofit community in Louisville. This somewhat older demographic is slightly less responsive to the digital age, making the appeal of a visual platform like a Spark Page somewhat lesser for that group. However, visuals made using the Adobe Spark platform (namely Spark Post) are an addition to any posts!

Using the Spark platform allowed me to explore a new perspective when considering the strategic aims of the Resilient Families Project. Due to the private nature of the families we work with, our team is not often encouraged to share photos or stories from the programs each week. But the work we do is extremely important, and utilizing the Adobe Spark platform has shown me there is a way to share my experience with RFP without compromising the safety of the families in Wayside's shelters. My 3+ years of working with the Resilient Families Project have led to some of my most meaningful experiences, and I look forward to sharing those!

In creating online profiles for the Resilient Families Project, our main objective was to tell the story of our volunteers and the work being done each week. On Facebook, this is done primarily through updates intended to reach the broader Louisville community and add to the story of compassion that is woven into the very fabric of the city. On Twitter, however, the intent is simpler - to gain attention amongst younger volunteers and place RFP on "the map".

The online presence of the Resilient Families Project is not entirely new - we've been featured in YouTube clips, in news stories, on blogs, etc. Whis is extremely new is our control of our own brand online - just a glance will show both profiles mentioned above were created less than a month ago - and we still have a lot to learn about how the voice of our organization interacts with our audience in cyberspace. Using Adobe Spark has given me a tool for exploring our voice. One of our biggest goals at RFP is community building through storytelling, and the Spark products create an opportunity of our story to be told in a visual way! Whether this is with a map, like below, or a photo of our team, visuals are an important asset to our storytelling.

Although my experience with the Adobe Spark platform is limited, I know that it is a vital tool I will continue to utilize in my work with the Resilient Families Project moving forward. For any graphically-challenged students or professionals like myself, consider checking out the links below to learn more about the Adobe Spark products and how you can take advantage of them!

& if you're interested, you can find me on Twitter or Medium at @danielledeal33!


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