Innovative Media Luk ee Yen (0330025)

Assignment 1: E-portfolio

Hello bello, guys! My name is Ee Yen. Many people have referred me to Yen (as the currency) or Ian. It's fine, as you can call me anything. Creativity is key :D

In this very module, I'm hoping to gain a clear insight on all the media related and that I am able to apply it in the future. Right, moving along. I love singing, as I sing wherever I go. When it comes to sports, swimming would be it. I've learnt how to swim at a young age for almost 2 years, with the support of mama and dada.

As for my future, I want to work in a field where I love, which is music and art related. I want to create art where words are unable to explain. As there is a saying that I hold dear to my heart, which is "I was created to create".

Exercise 1: Stop Motion Animation

Group Pictures

Just The Way You Are

Exercise 2: Viral Content

The Effect of Drug Abuse


What is drug abuse?

Drug abuse is an increasing amount of desire to use and acquire a large amount of one or more substances to feel the need to escape reality.

Why is it dangerous?

It affects the mind and the body of the user and those around him or her. One of the specific effect is that it causes drug dependence.


Drug abusers may not realize they have an issue, until effects of drug abuse are seen (most of the time physically). Normally, the effects of drug abuse varies, depending on the drug itself.

Common physical side effects

  • Sleeping pattern changes
  • Decreased in cognitive abilities and memory
  • Pain can be felt in the chest or lung region
  • Frequent episodes of blackouts
  • Emerge of various diseases, such as HIV, Hepatitis B or C (usually from needle sharing)
  • Abnormal vital signs (respiration, blood pressure and heart rate)
  • Stomach pain, diarrhea, vomiting and nausea


Drug abuse is able to cause a shift in a person's entire mental focus. Most of the time, drug abuser may be feeling anxious (thinking about when they can use the drug) or depress.

Common psychological side effects

  • Lack of pleasure from enjoyed activities from previous time
  • Hopelessness
  • Selfishness
  • Pressure others into doing drugs


Drug abusers have the tendency in choosing drugs over all else, including friends and family.
  • Loss in friendship and family
  • Behave in such a way as odd , out of character
  • Decrease in his or her performance in school or work
  • Money problems
  • Participation in sports are discontinued
  • Hobbies are given up

Reference List

  • Healthy Place (2016) Effects of Drugs of Abuse. Available at: [Accessed 18 May 2017].

Exercise 3: Infographics

Facts about drugs

Drugs are known as a harmful substance. Here is an infographic poster that may open your eyes to what is happening in the world out there.

Drug is not a "drug". Difference starts from YOU. Would you want to make a difference?

Information site:

Exercise 4: Mobile App

Mobile App

Hype Hair


The main purpose of this app that Amirah and I have created is to educate people about
  • the tips and tricks on how to maintain your precious locks
  • Various simple and chic hairstyles for different types of event
This app provides you a simple step-by-step guide on what you need to know about your own hair

Let's take a look on what is in our app

Splash Screen

This is what our users will be seeing as they enter our mobile app. Our logo is will be displayed at the top. Not only that, a theme of marble is displayed as the background. As we provide information on hair care, a picture of a girl rocking purple ombre-ed hair is found as our background.
Splash Screen

User Login

This page is for users to log in into their own personal account. As you can see below, users can choose whether to log in through Facebook or Google. This allows the app to retrieve user's personal data without having them filling it out manually.
User Login


This page contains buttons that will lead users to different hairstyles for different events, tips and tricks. This enables user to pick out how they want to wear their hair up, including day and night looks. Not only that, there is a contact us button.

Tips & Tricks

This page contains all the tips and tricks that may be useful for many users. All you have to do is click on the button (TIPs) on the homepage button and it will lead you to this page.
Tips & Tricks


This page educates users on the functions of each and every tool. Not only that, we also highlighted some staple tools that we will be using to achieve a beautiful hairstyle in the next page.

Hair Styles

This page emphasized on how to achieve these perfect hairstyle that is suitable for different event settings. We provided step-by-step images on how to achieve this look. Furthermore, this page also states what you will be needing to achieve this look.

Date Night

Hair Styles - Date Night

Time to Party

Hair Styles - Time to Party

Hype Hair team hope to provide you convenience with our services

Thank you (:

Assignment 2: Video


Art: (h)youmen (name of social media page), people who identify themselves as global citizens (community interest), beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but art lies within the beholder; leading people to understand a world of flawless beauty (objectives), Interview based (video concept & idea)


Mood Board

Story Board (Page 1)

Story Board (Page 2)


Assignment 2: Short Video

Beauty cannot be seen on clothes, makeup or looks. TRUE beauty is attained from being you. Come join us on this adventure as we reveal that beauty lies WITHIN the beholder. Let’s spread joy, be the reason someone smile today. After all, we are just (H)youmen.

Group Picture

Assignment 3: Chat Stickers


A world where food comes to life

(1) Happy

Mr Ice Cream is happy to receive colorful sprinkles.

(2) Sad

Mr Ice Cream is sad because he fell.

(3) Angry

Apple Bear is angry because Mr Ice Cream said that he was little.

(4) Confused

BB Boy Broccoli does not know he is a broccoli.

(5) Work

Apple Bear is busy with his school work.

(6) Sleepy

Ssshh! It's Mr Ice Cream's nap time.

Check out the animated GIF

Created By
Evey Yen


Created with images by 705847 - "skeletal flower congratulations" • PRMF - "scenery" • Daniel Wehner - "driving into the sunset" • AnnieSpratt - "woman nail polish nails" • AnnieSpratt - "woman tattoos flower tattoos" • AnnieSpratt - "tattoos tattooing arm skin flower tattoos woman"

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